How to switch between Active Noise Cancelation and Transparency Modes on AirPods Max headphones

AirPods Max
Source : Apple

Apple finally revealed its AirPods Max over-the-head headphones Tuesday, December 8. These cost $549 and come in five color finishes including silver, space gray, green, sky blue, and pink.

Just like the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Max also has features like Active Noise Cancelation and Transparency modes. However, the new over-the-head headphones have a different way of managing ANC and Transparency Modes.

On the AirPods Pro, in order to toggle between ANC and Transparency Modes, you need to head over to the control center on your Apple device and tap on either option depending on what you have enabled currently.

That stands true for the AirPods Max headphones, but there’s also an additional, more convenient way to do that.

How to toggle between Active Noise Cancelation and Transparency Modes on AirPods Max headphones

AirPods Max comes with a dedicated button to do that. So, every time you need to switch between Transparency and ANC modes, all you need to do is click the button. A single click activates Active Noise Cancelation while another click activates Transparency Mode.

Apple says that the AirPods Max use Apple’s computational sound to offer a high-fidelity audio experience. It’s driven by the company’s proprietary H1 chip placed within each ear cup. The ear cups themselves use magnets to attach to the body of the headphones, facilitating interchangeability in the future.

These also support Spatial Audio that uses sensors embedded within the headphones to detect head movements and offer a virtual surround sound. Users who have used the AirPods Pro earphones know the amazing experience that Spatial Audio offers.

Moreover, the new headphones are supposed to last around 20 hours on a single charge. The headphones have also adopted the Apple Watch’s digital crown for volume and track control.

The AirPods Max headphones are available to order right now and the first shipments will reach customers on December 15. Let us know your experience with the new headphones in the comments section below.