How to submit your iPhone X for a display replacement in Apple’s new repair program?

iPhone X foldable display

Apple, on Friday, announced a new repair program for iPhone X devices having issues with its display’s touch responsiveness.  

According to the Cupertino giant, some iPhone X models are experiencing issues involving touch responsiveness on the display. This is presumably due to a failed display component. The issue affects the display in three ways—the screen doesn’t respond to touch, responds intermittently, or reacts even when not interacted with. 

The repair, per se, is free of charge. But there is an exception. If you have any previous damage on the phone that impairs the ability to repair the issue at hand, such as a crack on the screen, you might have to pay to fix that first. 

You are, additionally, probably, confined to repair your iPhone X’s display in the same country or region from where you initially bought it, according to Apple. On the other hand, if you already have paid to fix this issue in the past, you are eligible to apply for a refund here

As for people who still need a repair, you can do any one of these three things:

But before submitting your device for repair, make sure you back it up on iCloud or on your computer using iTunes in order to avoid any data loss.

Users have disputed about the iPhone X’s display issue for a long time now. Many of them resorted to community websites and forums to share their grievances. Much to our virtue, it seems Apple is inordinate enough fixing its product flaws as soon as it can. 

Aside from the iPhone X’s display issue, Apple is also currently accepting 13-inch MacBook Pros (without TouchBar) to repair its SSD in a fault where it would fail or result in data loss.