How to set Memoji as a profile photo for a contact in the Contacts app

And relive memories conveniently!


iOS 13 introduced a ton of interesting features. And among those features, Apple announced Memoji support for all the iPhones and iPads having a processor greater than the A9 chip. This means that eligible devices can now dabble with the basics of Apple’s own version of emojis.

You can design your own emoji’s with eccentric detail and use them as profile pictures and as stickers that you can send universally using iOS’ new keyboard.

While we’re at the topic, you can also assign Memojis to contact profiles in the Contacts app. It’s a neat implementation of Memoji, allowing you to better distinguish between your contacts with seamless icon design.

Here’s how to set Memoji’s as contact profiles in the Contacts app on your iPhone and iPad running iOS 13.

How to set Memoji as a profile photo for a contact in the Contacts app in iOS 13


  • Open the Contacts app on your iPhone or iPad. You can also access your contacts by going to the Contacts tab in the Phone app.
  • Search for a contact and tap on it.
  • Tap on the Edit button at the top right corner of the contact.
  • Tap on the huge profile placeholder to summon an editing interface.
  • Scroll past the suggestions and either select any of the pre-made Memojis or tap the “+” icon to create a new Memoji.
  • Once you are done selecting/customizing your Memoji, select from the different poses in the interface that appears later. I choose the winking mouse.
  • Tap on Done at the right-hand top corner, then move or scale your Memoji to ensure proper alignment as a profile picture.
  • Tap on the Choose button at the right-hand bottom corner.
  • Now, select from a multitude of background colors then tap Done. This step is essential, in my opinion, as it gives a personality to the appearance of the contact, as displayed in the app or while on calls.

The reason Memoji– being regular adaptations of emojis –appeal so much to people is because they bring home memories of the legendary avatars from Xbox Live. They were quite catchy and were a charm growing up. I remember shamelessly comparing avatars with friends, convincing them mine were better. While they aren’t dead yet, my priorities have changed. I don’t find myself holding a gaming controller as often as I would two years ago.

But things have changed for good, certainly. Instead of avatars, I’ll now be able to compare Memoji’s at the convenience of my palm.

It’s good to see those memories coming back to life.

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