How to replace the “Press Home To Unlock” text with anything you want on iOS 11?

Courtesy: Tom's Guide
Courtesy: Tom's Guide

Once again we are back with one more guide related to FilzaEscaped. There’s so much that one can do with FilzaEscaped that we cannot put our hands away from it. Though, this time we have another text-related tweak on the lock-screen.

Ever wanted to change the “Press Home To Unlock” text that nags you everytime you want to unlock your phone? Well, bare with us as we take you through a step by step written guide as well as a video on how to use FilzaEscaped to change the lock-screen text elements.

Although, for starters, FilzaEscaped is a file browser which has root access to the internal filesystem using the async_wake function. It is supported on some iPhones as of now running iOS 11.1 to 11.1.2 only. Well, the development and enhancement of substrate and Cydia are being done by Jay Freeman (Saurik) as I’m writing this article. Sooner or later, we will have a complete public jailbreak with Cydia and substrate working as it should.

After that, it’s all uphill!

Let’s Begin!


  1. Open FilzaEscaped on your iPhone or any supported iDevice.
  2. Tap on the back button until you reach the root folder. It will have a forward slash (“/”) as its title.
  3. Tap on System – Library – CoreServices –
  4. Now select the language on which your iPhone is set. My iPhone is set to English US so I would select “en.lproj”.
  5. Tap on SpringBoard.strings.
  6. As soon as you reach into the file, tap on the little black triangle facing to the right and just beside it will be “Root” written in words.  A whole directory of options will drop down.
  7. Scroll down a little and tap on PRESS_HOME_TO_OPEN.
  8. Then just type whatever you want in the last text field.
  9. Then tap on the back breadcrumb at the top and tap on Save and then Done.
  10. Restart your device.

If you did not understand the simple instructions above, then watch this video to have a clear idea of this process.

How to Change the Press to Unlock on iPhone No Jailbreak Required

Don’t try to do anything else unless you know what you are doing. If anything messes up, you’ll have to restore to a firmware which is not jailbreakable.

Also, if you have some doubt or if there’s something that’s gone wrong, feel free to comment below. And I’ll probably help you out!

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