How to find a recently saved contact on iPhone and Android?

Certain instances of my life with a smartphone involve me, forgetting the name of the recently saved contact just after the moment I save it. So, here’s how to locate a recently saved contact on your iPhone or an Android device. 

It’s highly frustrating to be honest, and the feeling worsens when you need that contact for a really important task. Above all, it’ll be really painful if I ever try to contemplate how I’ve lost tons of great opportunities just cause I couldn’t remember a name after saving the contact. It happens. 

I bet this happens to everyone on this planet who own a smartphone. But, while Apple and Google don’t have this feature where the contacts are categorized based on the date they were added, thankfully, third-party apps save the day.

So, how to locate a recently saved contact on an iPhone?

This process is extremely simple. All you have to do is to click on the link and you’ll automatically be redirected to the App Store from where you can download “Contacts last entries & search.

Initial impressions of the app are a bit laggy and slow, but when it performs the magic, you’ll feel like having the app forever loaded on. 

  1. Once you open the app, tap on the Name label. It’ll switch to Creation date which will display your contact list in a descending order from latest to the oldest. How to know the name of the recently saved contact?
  2. Have fun!

The app works just good. But, it intermittently freezes when tapping on buttons inside the app. Although, I don’t know if this is the app itself or the freezing problem is because of the fact that I have iOS 12’s Developer Beta installed on my iPhone. 

And, how to locate a recently saved contact on Android?

The process is just as easy for an Android device as it is for an iPhone. Like the latter, you just have to download an app named “Recent Apps” from the Play Store. 

This app is not as sophisticated as compared to what the iPhone counterpart offers. It doesn’t show the date at which the contact was created, but it chronologically sorts all the contacts in the descending order of their date. There’s nothing to configure in the app. Just tap on allow when the app prompts to ask permission for access to the device’s contacts. 

That’s it guys. But I’m pretty sure that you’ll thank me in the comments later for this!

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