How To Book Redmi Note 5 Pro Using this Plugin!

Admit it, everyone wants the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. And almost no one is getting it. Demand is way greater than the supply itself. All this is because of the awesome set of specs the Note 5 Pro offers for its price. Even though we cannot guarantee the 100% chances of getting a note 5 pro in the next sale, this trick will definitely help you improve your chances.
All you gotta do is install the Chrome Plugin from (here).
It will ask some permission just agree with them. Now moving on to some pre-sale tips. If you are planning to buy the phone from Flipkart, try opting for the Flipkart gift card option. Which means buy a Flipkart gift card worth 14000 INR or more and add it to your account. If you are nervous about the gift card strategy, adding the same amount of money in PhonePe is a good option too!
If you are trying from then make sure you have added only one debit or credit card to avoid any further confusions during the sale checkout.
Also, make sure you have added only one address and made it default(if that option exists). Saving multiple addresses can confuse the plugin and may not work properly.
Coming to what to do 10 mins before the sale begins, here’s a short video.


Redmi Note 5 Pro Plugin!


Clicking on the specific model you requested, it will automatically open a new tab with that sale page. Just make sure you are signed in and everything is  set

. If you see something like this (see right below)you are good to go!
Just make sure you avoid debit or credit cards as the OTP often aren’t received by us in the required time and we end up not getting the phone(trust me happened with me twice).

Happy shopping and Good Luck!