iPad Pro to gain OLED display in second-half of 2021

Apple is working on releasing at least one iPad Pro model with a mini-LED display in the first half of 2021 and surprisingly, also an iPad Pro model with an OLED display in the second-half of 2021, according to Korean website The Elec. The report mentions that Samsung and LG, suppliers for OLED displays on current iPhones, will also be preparing OLED displays for the iPad Pro set to release in the second half of next year. Apple has reportedly […]

Waze to reportedly soon support split-view mode in CarPlay

Waze is reportedly working on split-view dashboard support for CarPlay, according to an unnamed source who has access to a beta version of Waze, as reported by The Verge. Waze is a popular alternative to Apple and Google’s Maps even though Google owns it. The Split-View dashboard support will make it more convenient for users who rely on the app on a daily basis. Apart from that, Waze’s latest beta, according to the source, also includes a new lane guidance […]

Top 14 Free games for your iPhone 12’s stunning OLED screen

Your shiny new iPhone 12 is finally here. You can do lots of things on it from reading articles to capturing stunning photos to ultimately sharing them on Instagram. One particular purpose for your new iPhone 12 that is increasingly growing in popularity is gaming. Because, why not? The iPhone 12, no matter which one you own, packs some serious punch. It has a Herculean processor and a stunning OLED display. The previous generation of iPhones sure had a similar […]

App Store Small Business Program: What it is and how it works

Apple has been heavily criticized by developers as well as civil authorities worldwide for the 30% cut it takes on qualifying in-app purchases and subscriptions. To combat the criticism, today, Apple is announcing the App Store Small Business Program. The Cupertino giant is amidst a legal battle against Epic, the developer behind the popular third-person multiplayer Fortnite. The battle began when Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store after Epic skipped Apple’s payment system and redirected users to its own […]

The iPad Air 4 is a Godsend for Creatives

Apple spent the fall season revealing some of its most exciting new devices in years — including what looks to be one of the most impressive and consumer-friendly tablets ever to hit the market. As we noted in our look at the iPad Air 4 when it was released for pre-orders back in October, this new device comes with a thin design, flat edges, and new colors. But it also contains the powerful A14 Bionic processor, making it a robust tablet, even […]

Best games for your M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air (2020)

If you’re looking for the best M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air games to play, you’re at the right place. MacBooks are hardly considered gaming machines. It’s not the hardware. It’s the games that are often more optimized for Windows than for Macs. You’d think that’s where external GPUs come in. But that’s not the case. External GPUs fare worse on Macs than on Windows. And it’s all because the software isn’t optimized for that kind of stuff. Enter Apple’s […]

Apple ramping up foldable iPhone testing, first one to launch in 2022

Apple seems to be dipping its toes in the foldable smartphone market by intensifying testing of potential foldable iPhones, says a new report by UDN which cites Apple’s supply chain as sources. (via PatentlyApple) The report claims that Apple is not only accumulating several patents relating to a potential foldable iPhone but also sending samples back and forth for testing. Apple has chosen major Apple products assembler Hon Hai Precision Industry (also known as Foxconn) and bearing manufacturer New Nikko […]

Reliable leaker suggests AirPods Studio headphones will be up for launch during Christmas

There has been a lot of mystery around Apple’s highly-rumored AirPods Studio headphones. However, a new leak from a reliable leaker suggests they are coming around Christmas. Reliable leaker @l0vetodream took to Twitter to cryptically reveal that Apple will launch new headphones later this year. In his exact words, he wrote “You’ll get a Christmas surprise from Apple (PS Winter exclusive, good for winter).” While his statement may not give away the whole deal, we think it’s a puzzle that […]

iOS 14.3 Beta 1 includes reference to Apple’s Fitness+ service, indicating launch soon

Update: iOS 14.3 Beta 2 is out and Apple has removed the Fitness+ reference. Apple released iOS 14.3 Beta 1 to developers today. The new beta update brings a lot of new stuff to the table, including references to unreleased Apple products like AirTags and AirPods Studio headphones. One of those references found by The 8-Bit points towards Fitness+, which Apple says is “coming late 2020.” If you head over to the Settings app while on iOS 14.3, you’ll notice […]

How to enable and use ProRAW on iPhone 12

Apple recently unveiled its iPhone 12 lineup. While there are a lot of new things to be excited about, one area where the iPhone 12 excels is camera performance. Apple is taking it one step further by letting you capture images in RAW format right from the native camera app. The feature is called ProRAW and is now available within iOS 14.3 Beta 1 after Apple said it would launch later this year. Capturing in RAW format gives you more […]

Here are the 26 new changes and improvements in iOS 14.3 Beta 1

Apple has released iOS 14.3 Beta 1 for developers a week after launching iOS 14.2 to the public. It’s the next iteration of the iOS 14 firmware Apple launched alongside its iPhone 12 lineup. iOS 14.3 is an iterative update meaning you shouldn’t expect it to come with a lot of new changes. Generally, iterative updates only include minor improvements and feature additions that are less likely to influence a drastic change in usage. iOS 14.2, for instance, introduced a […]

Here’s what’s changing on your Mac with macOS Big Sur

macOS Big Sur is now available to download. macOS Big Sur accompanies the new MacBook models that are a part of Apple’s transition away from using Intel processors and instead, running custom-designed silicon. Apple says it enables MacBooks to wake just as fast as an iPhone or iPad. It’s also available for existing supported MacBook models. All you need to do in order to update to macOS Big Sur is head over to Apple Menu – System Preferences and click […]

4 Things that MacBooks with M1 chip can’t do that Intel-based MacBooks still can

Apple unleashed its figurative peek into the future of computing by launching its first-ever Arm-based MacBooks yesterday. There are two new MacBook models—the 13-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro—that feature Apple’s latest M1 chip replacing Intel processors. Apple had started working on this transition several years ago and it was only yesterday everyone was called in to witness its fruits. According to Apple, the new MacBooks offer considerable improvements in performance and efficiency. AnandTech considered Apple’s A14 chip—which […]

M1 MacBook Pro vs M1 MacBook Air: Which Apple silicon MacBook should you buy?

Apple announced two new MacBook models—the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro—alongside a new Mac mini featuring Apple’s custom silicon chip called M1 at its “One More Thing” event today. These new Macs are available to pre-order right now and will start shipping next week. However, if you’re struggling with the question “which Apple Silicon Mac should I buy?” here’s an answer. Price The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 chip starts at $1,299 and is customizable costing up to […]

Apple announces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon

Apple has announced one of its first-ever MacBooks with Apple silicon in the form of a 13-inch MacBook Pro at its “One More Thing” event. It’s one of the first Macs that will kickstart Apple’s transition from using Intel processors to its own processors. The 8-core CPU delivers up to 2.8 times faster performance. Developers can build apps 3x faster than before. The 8-Core GPU is 5X faster. Compared to the bestselling Windows laptop, it’s 3X fast. Machine Learning is […]

Apple launches new Mac Mini with M1 Chip

Apple has launched a new Mac Mini featuring its custom M1 chip. It is 3x faster when it comes to CPU performance and 6x better GPU performance. It’s upto 5 times faster than competing computers. It offers 15 times faster ML performance than the previous generation, Apple says. Tensor Flow and Create ML are now accelerated by ML. It’s capable of connecting to the ProDisplay XDR at 6K resolution. It costs $699—$100 lower than the previous gen Mac Mini.

Apple announces fanless 13-inch MacBook Air with Apple Silicon and an upgraded webcam

Apple has announced the 13-inch MacBook Air at its “One More Thing” event today. It’s one of the first Macs to kickstart Apple’s transition from using Intel chips within Macs to custom silicon. The new MacBook Air features Apple’s latest M1 processor—which is Apple’s first custom silicon chip for the Mac. It offers considerable improvements in power and efficiency. It features up to 8-core CPU and GPU alongside a 16-core Neural Engine. With 8 cores, the new Air delivers up […]

Apple announces new M1 custom silicon

Apple has announced the first Apple Silicon chip that will power Macs going further. It’s called M1. M1 delivers a giant leap in performance power. It’s the first SoC for the Mac. It has a unified architecture that maintains a balance between power efficiency and performance. It has 16 Billion transistors and is manufactured using a 5nm process. It has two types of cores: 4 high performance and 4 High-efficiency cores. It delivers the same performance as the current generation […]

Apple Store goes down ahead of today’s Mac Event

Apple’s Store page on its website is now, once again, down to accommodate new MacBooks that are to be announced at an event today. If you visit the Apple Store page or even the Apple Store app on your iPhone, you’ll be greeted with a “Be Right Back” message atop an animated Apple logo. Apple often does this ahead of product launches to update its store with new products without revealing them soon. Customers who are not concerned with the […]

Twitter gains animated like button ahead of today’s Arm Mac event

When you like a tweet containing the #AppleEvent hashtag on Twitter right now, it will be accompanied by an animation that fits the theme of the “One More Thing” invitation that Apple sent out to everyone for today’s event. As a new form of marketing, Apple usually introduces these tiny animations while liking tweets that contain its event hashtags. The October 13 iPhone event also got its own beautiful like animation. While these may seem inconsequential, it certainly gets more […]

How to watch Apple’s Arm Mac Apple event today

Apple is about to make history today by launching a couple of its first Arm MacBooks that will kick off the transition from Intel processors to Apple’s own chips. This transition has been long in the works and Apple officially announced it at its WWDC developers conference back in June. The new MacBooks with Apple silicon will be based on the A14 chips that already exist in the latest Apple products like the iPhone and the iPad. These could be […]

Leaker shares images of alleged AirTag accessory

A new leak shows what seems like an AirTag accessory ahead of the Arm Mac Apple event tomorrow. Leaker Fudge (@choco_bit) on Twitter shared an image of an AirTag accessory. From the looks of it, it seems like a keychain meant to accommodate an AirTag. It also looks similar to the keychain ring mentioned in a recently unveiled Apple patent covering AirTags. The keychain, furthermore, has the “Designed by Apple in California” and “Manufactured in China” fine print, thereby lending […]

iPhone 12 mini Review Roundup: Small size is a catch, battery life is worse than iPhone 12

Embargos on reviews have lifted today unveiling a host of iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews. The new minis are expected to start reaching the first customers this Friday. Ahead of that, let’s take a look at what reviewers have to say about the smallest iPhone in a long time. The iPhone 12 mini, from the first look and description, lifts eyebrows due to one reason: its size. It’s the smallest iPhone from Apple in a long […]

iPhone 12 Pro Max Review Roundup: A huge phone with great battery life and an improved camera experience

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews are in as embargos are lifted ahead of the first customers set to receive their phones on Friday. Several publications and reviewers have shared their thoughts about Apple’s “biggest iPhone ever.” I’m going to review those reviews in this post for you. Screen Size and Display The iPhone 12 Pro Max features a 6.7-inch display which is the biggest display Apple has ever included in a phone. This means the phone itself is huge […]

Apple punishes major manufacturer Pegatron for abusing labor laws

Apple has suspended one of its major manufacturers Pegatron for abusing labor laws and going to “extraordinary lengths” to hide the violations, according to a new Bloomberg report. The Taiwanese manufacturer reportedly allowed student workers to work overtime and do night shifts, which violates Apple’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Pegatron has been a focus of labor activists for allegations of labor abuse for a long time. It’s one of the major manufacturers that Apple relies on for the production of […]

iPhone 12 Studio Guide: Its Amazing Experience and How to use it

At a time when in-store shopping has taken a hit due to the pandemic, Apple is making it easier for iPhone 12 shoppers to virtually mix and match MagSafe accessories before making a purchase. The company yesterday launched an online tool called iPhone 12 Studio that lets you visualize how a certain color of Apple’s MagSafe cases and wallets would look on an iPhone 12. The new studio experience by Apple for the iPhone 12 is similar to the Apple […]

Amazon UK lists December 15 as launch date for MagSafe Leather Sleeve

Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max just yesterday. Alongside the launch, Apple also enlisted two of the pending MagSafe accessories that it announced at the October 13 event—MagSafe Duo ($129) and the Leather Sleeve with MagSafe ($129)—as “coming soon.“ However, Amazon UK has already listed December 15 as the date the Leather Sleeve, in particular, will be available. Surprisingly, the product listing only shows up on Amazon’s mobile app upon searching and not on […]

HomePod mini is now available to pre-order

Apple’s latest iteration of its HomePod lineup of speakers—-the HomePod mini—- is now available to preorder. You can grab it from Apple as well as from BestBuy at $99. However, it’s best if you pre-order as soon as it goes live in order to ensure the earliest shipping date. HomePod mini is 3.3-inches tall and offers an affordable entry-point for users looking to buy Apple’s smart speaker. With improved Siri integration and features like Intercom and UWB support, it’s a […]

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are now available to pre-order

iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, two of the most anticipated iPhones this year, are now finally available for pre-order in over 30 countries. You can grab them over at Apple as well as from BestBuy. The pre-orders are expected to run out quickly, so you will need to make faster decisions and be swift in your actions. Several reports suggest that Apple is battling supply chain shortages regarding its components and the iPhone 12 Pro—which is already […]

Surprisingly, reliable leaker hints at AirPods Studio launch at November 10 event

After multiple reports suggesting that the AirPods Studio headphones are facing production issues causing a probable announcement delay, one leaker certainly seems to be a bit optimistic. According to DuanRui, the Apple-branded headphones will launch on November 10 alongside the new Apple silicon MacBook lineup. In a rather cryptic way, DuanRui tweets that the Apple-branded headphones could be called AirPods Max instead of the name that has been rumored so far—AirPods Studio. That’s highly uncertain, though. However, the best takeaway […]