Adobe Audition adds support for M1 Macs

Adobe has released a bunch of new updates for its Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro apps. The highlight of these updates is that native M1 support is coming to M1 Macs which means users with these devices will experience better performance and compatibility. Adobe says “notable gains include faster mixdowns, audio effects rendering, and near-real-time updates in the Spectral Display Editor.” It’s worth noting, however, that Audition on M1 Macs currently does not support EUCON control surfaces or CEP extension […]

Security researcher hacks AirTag; modifies NFC URL for Lost Mode

A security researcher was successful in hacking the AirTag by reverse-engineering its microcontroller. This is apparently the first time an AirTag was hacked or, say, “Jailbroken”. German security researcher and YouTube content creator that goes by the name Stack Smashing tweeted today that they were successful in “breaking into the microcontroller of the AirTag.” They were then able to re-flash the microcontroller that enabled them to modify elements of AirTag’s software. A microcontroller is an integrated circuit (IC) used for […]

iOS 14.5 sneaked in ability to set reminders for Apple Music within the Reminders app

iOS 14.5 has finally added a feature that has been in-demand for a long time—the ability to set reminders for Apple Music tracks. Now, while listening to a track on Apple Music, the share sheet shows the Reminder app’s icon whereas it didn’t previously. A user can then tap on the Reminder icon to create a new reminder with the track. The track will appear within Reminders in the form of a native Apple Music card which is visually appealing […]

How to share your screen with internal audio using Discord on macOS

If you are a macOS user, you might be aware of the fact that Apple doesn’t allow sharing system audio from the get-go. This means that third-party apps have to emerge with their own solutions to do so. Most video conferencing apps including Zoom include the ability to share macOS system audio. However, some popular apps including Discord—which is popular for game streams—have not supported system audio on Macs for a long time. Thankfully, that’s changing. According to an FAQ […]

Apple maintained lead in $100 Billion+ smartphone market in Q1 2021, thanks to the iPhone 12

According to Counterpoint Research, Apple led the $100 Billion+ smartphone market by capturing 42% of the market in the first quarter of 2021. This is as compared to the 34.4% market share in Q1 2020. The report claims that the launch of the iPhone 12 series was a major factor for this uptick. “Highlighting the revenue dynamics, Senior Analyst, Harmeet Singh Walia noted, “Global smartphone segment clocked a record first-quarter wholesale shipment revenues of $113 billion*, up 35% YoY. This […]

Thanks to Siri, Apple is becoming a threat to yet another industry: Leakers

Leakers have been an exigent reality within Apple’s existence. They have been constantly and persistently informing us about Apple’s product plans months before the company publicly launches them. They strive on Apple’s insistence to stay secretive about its products. While Apple has gone to great lengths rooting out these rather daring tipsters, someone from the community always manages to scoop secret information and disseminate it through their popular social channels. Some of Apple’s efforts include creating pseudo-products within the company […]

How to record Xcode Simulator’s screen on your Mac

Xcode has a handy simulator that lets you test your app instantly right on your Mac. This eliminates the need to keep your iPhone connected during the development process. Just like a physical iPhone, the simulated iPhone helps you find bugs along the way and ensure your app works perfectly before finally shipping it. One feature that it lacked for a long time was the ability to record the screen on the simulated iPhone. There might be many instances where […]

Typewise Keyboard 3.0 Review: Time to ditch my old keyboard

A keyboard is the most ubiquitous interface on your smartphone. It’s a constant that’s required as a tool for input in almost every app. That said, for most of us, using the virtual keyboard we use today on our smartphones has effectively become second nature. But as with every industry, a product arrives once in a while that tends to upend the way we do things. Typewise’s Keyboard app is here to upend the way we type. The keyboard combines […]

Conversation between Eddie Cue and Craig Federighi about bringing iMessage to Android

Android users have been asking for iMessage on the platform for a long time now. And at one point, I, too wanted Apple to bring the acclaimed messaging app to Android. It’s only now that I understand iMessage is right where it should be. Porting it over to Android would’ve considerably affected it in many ways including security and usability. Here’s the conversation between Eddy and Craig, as scraped from a new deposition made public as part of the Apple […]

Got a new 13-inch MacBook? Here are some accessories you’ll need!

If you’ve recently purchased a new MacBook, regardless of whether you are a new Mac user or are simply switching over from an older Mac, you are going to need some Mac accessories to ensure smooth, unhindered, and sometimes, even improved usage. This is especially true for the latest M1 MacBook models. Both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air come with only two USB-C ports and a 3.5mm headphone jack, leaving you with minimal options if you need to […]

Here are the Amazing new features and changes to first check out after installing iOS 14.5

Apple today released iOS 14.5 publicly, meaning if you own a compatible iOS device, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features including privacy enhancements that enable you to block apps from tracking you. iOS 14.5 had been undergoing the beta testing stage for a long while. The reason is still unclear, but many suspect it is because of the weight the update brings and the pressure it faces from the ad industry including companies like Facebook. Nevertheless, now […]

Photographer Johann Clausen and Apple’s magnificent packaging

Photographer Johann Clausen recently took up an unusual project—capturing Apple’s empty packaging (and not its products). While most might throw away the packaging in which they received their Apple devices, some still admire it. He captured different Apple packaging including cardboard encasing from AirPods, Apple Pencil, AirPods Max, and more as profiled in a Wallpaper* post. To be honest, out of their original setup, it was a hard time identifying which products some of the packagings within Johann’s photos belonged […]

I have always wondered about Ted Lasso’s Secret Shortbread recipe; someone finally figured it out

Ted Lasso is an amazing show. What makes it amazing is the little things that have the biggest impact—a la secret shortbread recipe. In the show, Jason Sudeikis, who plays Ted wins over his boss’ heart by offering her seemingly delicious shortbreads. Ever since, a lot of fans, including yours truly have been wanting to know its recipe. Thankfully, a 9to5Mac article led me to developer David Smith’s blog post where he explains how he deciphered the recipe from an […]

Google Meet is following Apple’s footsteps in getting its own autozoom feature for video calls

One of the moments that made me say “wow!” at the “Spring Loaded” Apple Event was the demonstration of the new Center Stage feature that will be coming alongside the upcoming iPad Pro. It’s a software-based feature that takes advantage of the new 12MP ultra-wide front camera and pans around to keep the focus on the person standing in front of it. This only works during video calls, which, I feel is its most important use case considering the fact […]

Belkin’s Magnetic Face Tracking mount for iPhone 12 may launch imminently

Recently, Belkin, a company that’s quite well-known for its accessories revealed a new one for the iPhone 12 lineup—a magnetic mount that tracks your face and swivels along as you move, called the Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking—among a wide range of other accessories. It’s worth noting that face tracking only works within Belkin’s iOS app and you cannot use it for anything other than capturing videos. While this severely limits the overall market for Belkin, it’s still a […]

Microsoft Lists is now optimized for iPad

Microsoft recently updated its Lists app to natively support the iPad’s resolution and user interface. Widely used in organizations, the app previously only appeared in an iPhone’s resolution on an iPad, thereby wasting a lot of screen real estate. Even Microsoft kind of acknowledges the fact that the app’s inconsistent design on the iPad bothered its users in a blog post announcing the support. It says, “We’re pleased to share Microsoft Lists for iOS now supports iPad. AKA, no more […]

Netatmo adding HomeKit Secure Video to Smart Outdoor Camera and Video Doorbell

Netatmo announced today it will be adding HomeKit Secure Video support to its Smart Outdoor Camera as well as its Smart Video Doorbell. Netatmo, in a tweet, said “an automatic software update will be made gradually available to all Netatmo Smart Outdoor Cameras (with or without Siren) in the upcoming days.” The company hasn’t yet given a timeline as to when it will release HomeKit Secure Video support for its Smart Video Doorbell, but says “it will be next.” HomeKit Secure Video is […]

macOS Big Sur 11.4 beta brings support for AMD’s Radeon 6000 series ‘Big Navi’ GPUs on Intel-based Macs

Apple is currently beta testing macOS 11.4, and one of the new changes Apple highlights is support for AMD 6000 series GPUs. AMD’s Radeon RX 6800/6900 XT GPUs, also popularly called “Big Navi” were released last year. The support is added to the latest macOS 11.4 beta. These GPUs run on AMD’s RDNA 2 framework which introduces significant architecture advancements in the form of an enhanced compute unit, a visual pipeline, and the all-new AMD Infinity Cache, which AMD says […]

Hate the new iMac’s front? This oft-ignored item can fix it

Apple today announced a new 24-inch iMac with an M1 chip and seven different color options. It looks amazing from the back. But on the front, not so much. For some reason, Apple decided not to include the Apple logo on the chin in the front, leaving a considerably huge blank space (at least by today’s standards) that looks abysmal paired with the white bezels. Apple could either have reduced the size of the chin by shifting the core internals […]

AirTag will interact with any NFC-capable smartphone to view a Lost Mode message

Apple launched its new Tile-like trackers called AirTag today at its Apple event. The AirTags include Apple’s proprietary U1 chip for precise location. However, in the event that you lose an item with AirTag attached, anyone with an NFC-based smartphone will be able to view the Lost Mode message and notify you about your lost item. According to Apple, the course of action for when you find an AirTag or a lost item with an AirTag attached is to hold […]

Entry-level 2021 iMac comes with only two USB 4 ports with Thunderbolt, lacks Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

Apple today announced the new 2021 iMac with a redesigned look featuring an M1 chip inside. While the iMac models with an 8-core CPU and GPU that cost starting $1499 sport a total of four USB-C ports, the entry-level iMac with a 7-core GPU only features two. The absence of two USB-C ports might be a limitation for some users who don’t intend to shell out extra bucks. It’s worth noting that entry-level iMac comes with two USB-C ports with […]

Apple announces new purple color for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini

Apple today announced a new color for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini—Purple. It’s a part of Apple’s Spring offering. Apple says “This new color beautifully accentuates the flat aluminum edges of iPhone 12, which are perfectly color-matched to the precision-milled back glass.” Here’s Apple’s Greg Joswiak talking about the phone: “This gorgeous new color joins the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini family, which is available in five other stunning finishes, and features an advanced dual-camera system, Super Retina […]

iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 will be available for everyone starting next week.

Apple had been running the beta version of iOS 14.5 for several weeks. Now that today’s “Spring Loaded” event is wrapped up, Apple says iOS 14.5 will officially be available for everyone starting next week. Users can head over to the Software Updates tab in the General tab within Settings to update their iPhones with an Over-the-AIr (OTA) update. The update itself might take some while to install. iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 is the latest version of the iPhone […]

Apple unveils redesigned 24-inch iMac with M1 chip; available in 7 vibrant colors

Apple today officially expanded its transition into Apple Silicon products by launching a new, redesigned iMac with an M1 chip at the “Spring Loaded” online event. It will be available for pre-order starting April 30 and will begin shipping in the second-half of May. The new iMac starts at $1299 and comes in seven new color options that better resonate with the spirit of Spring. Those include green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. Moreover, the iMac has now […]

Apple announces new 12.9-inch iPad Pro with M1 Chip, a Mini-LED display, and 5G connectivity

Apple today announced a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro at its “Spring Loaded” online event. The new iPad Pro includes a Mini-LED display which is considerably better than the display on the previous iPad Pro, offering better contrast and vibrant colors. Apple calls it Liquid Retina XDR Display. It starts at $1,099 for the WiFi-only model and $1,299 for the WiFi + Cellular model and will ship in two different color options. It will be available for pre-order starting Friday, April […]

Apple releases new 11-inch iPad Pro with 5G Connectivity and M1 processor.

Apple today announced a new 11-inch iPad Pro at its “Spring Loaded” online event. There is nothing visually new about it, but it does come with 5G connectivity and boasts Apple’s flagship M1 chip. It costs $799 for the WiFi-only model and $999 for the WiFi + Cellular model and will come in two color options. It will be available for pre-order starting Friday, April 30, and will begin shipping in the second-half of May. The new 11-inch iPad Pro […]

Apple unveils AirTag featuring Ultra-Wideband at $29

Apple today unveiled the long-rumored AirTag at its “Spring Loaded” online event today. AirTags are Apple’s Tile-like trackers that can be clipped to your personal belongings and can be tracked from within the FindMy app on a user’s Apple device. An AirTag costs $29 and a pack of 4 costs $99. The AirTag will be available starting April 23 at 5 a.m. PDT. The AirTag includes Apple’s proprietary Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology that is essentially a radio technology that uses minimal […]

[U: Apple Store is officially down for everyone] Apple Store sitemap down ahead of today’s ‘Spring Loaded’ event

Apple is expected to release a new host of products today including new iPad Pros, AirTags, and probably a redesigned iMac at its “Spring Loaded” event today. Prior to that, the Apple store is now unavailable as the company updates its online inventory of products and subsequently creates hype for the upcoming event. The Apple Store will likely get back online right after the Apple Event wraps up, allowing users to place pre-orders for the new products announced at the […]

Here’s how to watch today’s ‘Spring Loaded’ Apple Event

Apple is set to announce new products today at its event titled ‘Spring Loaded.’ We’ll likely get to see new iPads, Apple’s tile-like tracker AirTag, an iMac, and more. The digital-only event will kick off at 10 a.m. PT. You can check the event’s timing in your city by using this simple online Time Zone Converter tool. Since it’s an online-only event, no fees are associated with it, much like the last four Apple events held in 2020. Moreover, it’s […]

Visual Studio 2022 will use native macOS UI and bring better accessibility features for Mac users

Microsoft today announced that it will be launching the public preview of Visual Studio 2022 for Mac and Windows this summer. The new version brings a ton of new changes throughout the IDE. One of the highlighted changes is native support for macOS’ UI within Visual Studio 2022. In a blog post, Microsoft’s CVP of Product, Developer Vision Amanda Silver says “our goal with Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is to make a modern .NET IDE tailored for the Mac […]