Bill Gates prefers Android because ‘they’re more flexible about how the software connects up with the operating system.’

Bill Gates attended a Clubhouse chat recently where he spoke in an interview with journalist Ross Sorkin about which phone he uses and the reasoning behind his preference. Gates said that he uses an Android phone. He only “plays around with iPhones” because he wants to keep track of everything, but ultimately, he chooses Android. Upon extrapolating the question further to learn the why, Gates replied “Some of the Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes it […]

Dutch competition regulator ACM is nearing a draft decision in an investigation into Apple’s enforcement of its own payment system

Dutch competition regulators are nearing a draft decision in an investigation into Apple’s enforcement of its payment system which charges developers commissions between 15 to 30%, as reported by Reuters. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets sent emails to developers involved in the case stating that it is nearing a draft decision. The Dutch regulator began investigating Apple’s compulsion that developers use its payment system which earns Apple a 15-30% commission on each in-app purchase. The report states that […]

Google Drive for iOS updated with App Store Privacy labels

Google Drive has been updated with App Store Privacy labels following Gmail and Google’s trio of productivity apps—Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Just like Gmail and some other Google apps that have added Privacy labels to their App Store pages, Google Drive hasn’t received any updates to the app itself. It was last updated on 7 December. Other Google apps such as YouTube Music, Google Translate, YouTube TV, and Google Tasks have been updated with minor improvements and bug fixes alongside […]

UK customers who bought an iPhone or a Samsung phone in the past six years may be entitled to £30 from Qualcomm

If you’ve bought an iPhone or a Samsung phone in the last six years, you could be entitled to a payout of £30 ($42), according to an investigation conducted by the UK consumer group Which? This is due to a breach in competition law pertaining to Qualcomm. The consumer group believes that the chipmaker used its dominant position in the smartphone market to sell its chips at a higher rate than required. This cost eventually trickles down to customers who […]

PUBG announces a futuristic sequel to its original battle royale game for iOS and Android

PUBG today announced the sequel to its original battle royale game for iOS and Android devices and is called PUBG: New State. It’s a futuristic take on the PUBG universe set in the year 2051 replete with post-apocalyptic vibes and cool new rides and weapons. The new rendition of PUBG takes place on a new map called Troi and features improved weaponry including new additions such as drones and deployable combat shields. There are also new, futuristic-looking cars and motorcycles […]

This is why your Apple TV 4K remote may be lagging, and here’s what you can do about it

Apple TV’s remote isn’t the most revered of all TV remotes. Its touchpad design and minimalistic approach sometimes translate as difficult-to-use for users. On top of that, it’s often riddled with connectivity problems. A lot of users who bought or upgraded to the Apple TV 4K have been facing a problem right out of the box where the remote intermittently lags and only works perfectly when pointed at certain angles towards the box or used in a direct line of […]

Popular digital forensics and penetration testing OS Kali Linux has launched new ARM builds for use on virtual machines on M1 Macs. The support for M1 Macs comes with build 2021.1 and includes a plethora of new features. Users who want to install Kali Linux on their M1 Macs can do so now using a virtual machine like Parallels. Since it’s an ARM build, Kali Linux should not run into any major compatibility issues while also offering an optimized experience. […]

After Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets get App Store Privacy labels

After almost a couple of months of hiatus, Google has finally begun adding App Store Privacy labels to its apps. The Gmail app got its own earlier this week. And today, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides apps have updated them. These apps’ privacy labels enlist data such as location, contact info, search history, identifiers, and more which is the regular set of privacy labels for Google’s apps. Similar to how Gmail was updated, Google has updated the privacy […]

You may have to pay a recurring subscription fee for Final Cut Pro in the future

Apple currently sells Final Cut Pro at a one-time purchase fee of $300. That may change soon as Apple seems to be planning on offering the popular video editing software at a recurring subscription fee. According to a recent amendment in a 2016 “Final Cut Pro” trademark in Europe, first spotted by PatentlyApple, Apple has added a Nice Classification number 42 to the trademark, which covers the Software as a Service (SaaS) category. In other words, the amendment paves the […]

Telegram app update adds support for iOS 14 widgets, automatically disappearing messages

The popular instant messaging app—and an alternative to WhatsApp—Telegram has been finally updated to support iOS 14 widgets and disappearing messages. Currently, Telegram only offers two widgets: a chat widget that displays the latest message from the most important chats and a Shortcuts widget capable of displaying shortcuts of your most important chats. iOS 14 adds the ability to place widgets on your iPhone’s home screen, allowing users to access parts of their favorite apps much quicker. The Telegram chats […]

Best HomeKit Wallpaper Packs to spruce up the Home app on your iPhone!

Apple’s Home app for the iPhone is a wonderful place to control HomeKit-enabled devices at your home. It’s well-designed and comes with a default set of wallpapers. But the best part about the wallpaper system within the Home app is that you are not stuck with the default options. You can set your own HomeKit wallpapers within the Home app. And if you want to be a little more creative, you can go one step further. What’s that, you ask? […]

Apple Pay is finally available in Mexico

Apple Pay is apparently available in Mexico starting today, as stated on the Apple Pay availability page. Users report that they are now able to add cards to the Wallet app on their iPhone. Citibanamex’s Twitter account replied to a tweet stating that Apple Pay would release on February 23, 2021; which is today. The tweet also read that Citibanamex Mastercard Credit and Debit cards will be compatible alongside American Express cards. Apple previously updated the Apple Pay landing page […]

MacBook Pro models with an SD card reader and HDMI slot coming later this year

Apple is planning on launching new MacBook Pro models later this year. But these won’t be the regular MacBooks we’ve been seeing lately. These will bring back an SD card reader and an HDMI port alongside “several significant design and specification changes.” According to a new report by acclaimed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, shared by MacRumors, “some of the practical changes for users are equipping with the SD card reader and HDMI port.” Apple shifted to using only USB-C and Thunderbolt […]

After North Dakota, a new bill from Arizona targets Apple’s App Store payments system

After Apple won a victory against a North Dakota bill aiming to regulate the App Store, Arizona is now targeting Apple and Google with its own bill to stop app stores from forcing their payment services onto developers. Bill HB2005 will let developers bypass Apple and Google’s app store payment systems while letting them implement their own, according to a guest post published in Arizona Capitol Times by Representatives Regina Cobb and Leo Biasiucci. “The status quo is failing Arizonans, […]

Apple nips the ‘Silver Sparrow’ malware in the bud

Security researchers from Red Canary last week discovered a new malware—called Silver Sparrow—that has silently infected almost 30,000 Macs. While the distribution vector for the malware still remains unclear, Apple has already taken steps to prevent its further spread. Apple told AppleInsider that the company has revoked certificates for the developer’s account used to produce the malware and sign the packages. This means that the malware won’t install on new Macs. Current Macs, however, may still remain affected. The Silver […]

Bug Bounty hunter won $5000 by disclosing Stored XSS bug in iCloud

Apple is well known for rewarding security researchers and bug bounty hunters for finding a bug in its software infrastructure. This time, Apple rewarded a bug bounty hunter with $5000 for disclosing a stored cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in iCloud, as per his blog post (via ZDNet). Vishal Bharad found the vulnerability in the Pages/Keynote feature within iCloud. The XSS bug can be used to store payloads on a target server, inject malicious scripts into websites, and could be used […]

Apple once again the world’s largest smartphone maker since 2016, overtaking Samsung

Apple once again became the world’s largest smartphone maker, thanks to the iPhone 12 featuring 5G connectivity, according to research firm Gartner . According to Gartner, Apple sold almost 80 Million iPhone units at the end of 2020 after the launch of the iPhone 12 lineup. The Cupertino company also overtook Samsung to become the world’s largest smartphone maker in that process. The last time Apple won the crown of top-selling smartphone maker was in 2016. The primary reason for […]

Apple TV+ to host ‘Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry’ Live Premiere Event

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Billie Eilish’s documentary, “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry” is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on 26 February. Before the documentary debuts, Apple TV+ will host a live premiere event featuring a live performance and a conversation with the singer, as reported by Billboard. Zane Lowe will host the live event where Billie Eilish will perform and participate in an interview. There will also be an interview with director R.J. Cutler and a video […]

Leaked images of the alleged AirPods 3 reveal shorter stem and ear tips

An image of the purported AirPods 3 has emerged offering a detailed outlook of the upcoming base-level AirPods. Shared by 52Audio, the image apparently showcases how the AirPods 3 and its case look like. While the source also recently shared fake x-rays claiming to be that of the upcoming AirPods, the latest image seems to be genuine as it lines up with the description of the AirPods 3, recently reported by Bloomberg. The Bloomberg report described the AirPods 3 as […]

Audit finds Apple owes upwards of $500,000 in sales tax in Maine

Apple owes more than $430,000 in sales tax and more than $100,000 in fines in Maine, the Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled yesterday, according to an AP News report. The ruling comes after a judge’s decision that benefitted Apple was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine after a state tax assessor reported Apple underpaid taxes by tens of thousands of dollars, Apple failed to pay taxes on the full price of iPhones sold at discounted prices through […]

[U: Now Available] Apple TV app on Chromecast with Google TV launch imminent

Google announced back in December that the Apple TV app would be coming to the new Chromecast with Google TV “early next year,” which, apparently, is now. Today, Google’s Made By Google account on Twitter posted a GIF from the popular Apple TV+ show, Ted Lasso, where the lead Jason Sudeikis knocks on a door saying “knock-a-doodle-doo!” Alongside the GIF, Google also tagged the official Apple TV account (@AppleTV). Apple TV’s official Twitter handle also replied to Google’s tweet with […]

Safari finally supports WebM video playback on macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2

For a long time now, Apple didn’t offer WebM playback on macOS and iOS, leaving users unable to view videos in Google’s WebM format natively. However, starting macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta 2, WebM seems to be supported in Safari on the Mac. iOS still doesn’t support it, though. WebM is a popular video format used on the web as a royalty-free alternative to the H.264 codec used in the MP4 format. It offers excellent video quality while also maintaining […]

Docker releases its second preview with support for Kubernetes on M1 Macs

Docker has released the second preview of Docker Desktop for M1 Macs, an application for building and sharing containerized applications and microservices, according to a blog post shared by Docker. The latest preview offers a bunch of additions including support for Kubernetes. Kubernetes is an open-source “orchestration system” used for automating, managing, and scaling containers. A lot of developers that rely on the system will now be able to take advantage of it in conjunction with Docker Desktop on their […]

How to share Apple Music lyrics to iMessage and Instagram

Apple Music has, for a long time, let you share music tracks to social media and communication apps in a uniquely formatted manner. However, as of iOS 14.5 Beta 2, you can now also share lyrics from songs to iMessage and Instagram. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to share song lyrics from Apple Music to iMessage and Instagram. Related Posts: How to add lyrics to the wonderful songs in your Apple Music Library How […]

Parler Interim CEO ‘pretty positive’ it will be back on Apple’s App Store

Parler was recently reinstated on the web a month after it was booted by major tech companies for failing to moderate posts that incited the Capitol Hill insurrection on 6th January 2021. In an interview with Fox News today, Parler Interim CEO Mark Meckler says he’s pretty positive that the alternative social media platform will be back on the Apple App Store pretty soon. “I’m pretty positive that we’ll be back on the Apple App Store pretty soon,” he said. […]

macOS Big Sur includes Security Code AutoFill support for third-party apps

Apple released macOS Big Sur to the public on November 12. While there are a bunch of under-the-hood features that have been discovered so far, a previously undocumented feature is 2FA support for third-party Mac apps. Ricky Mondello, an Apple Employee responsible for App/Website authentication and password management, took to Twitter today to disclose that Security Code AutoFill is available for all Mac apps. Developers, although, have to explicitly include the feature within their apps if they want to add […]

Here is a list of changes in iOS 14.5 Beta 2

Apple has released the second beta of iOS 14.5 to developers. And as every other beta goes, it brings along a lot of under-the-hood changes. The first beta of iOS 14.5 added meaningful new features such as the ability to unlock your iPhone using your Apple Watch while wearing a mask, setting third-party music apps as the default choice for Siri commands, and much more. While iOS 14.5 Beta 2 furthers the update and adds new features, these are not […]

Apple Music app gains swipe options in iOS 14.5 Beta 2

Apple launched iOS 14.5 Beta 2 for developers today and one of the new changes includes swipe options within Apple Music. Similar to the slide functions in the Apple Mail app, the slide functions let you add a song to Play Next or Play Last when you slide right and delete a song from your library when you slide left. The buttons that appear when you slide left or right on a track are also colorized to make them appear […]

Microsoft Office app that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint together now available on iPad

Microsoft today made its Microsoft Office app available on the iPad. The app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app. Previously users had to install and manage Word, Excel, and PowerPoint separately on the iPad. With the Microsoft Office app, users now have a single location where they can work with different types of documents. The Microsoft Office app also features additional functionalities like easy document managing and cloud storage capabilities. Users can also sign and create PDFs […]

Can’t set a default music app on your iPhone? Here’s the fix!

After feature request numbers blasting through oblivion for this ability, Apple has finally included an option within iOS 14.5 that lets you set a default music app on your iPhone. In other words, if you ask Siri to play a song for you, instead of playing it on Apple Music, Siri will use a third-party music streaming app installed on your iPhone that you specify yourself by default. It’s a handy feature that addresses one of the major quibbles users […]