Here’s what will happen on Monday with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and your Apple Watch!

This year is not like last year. This year is full of exciting updates

“What will happen on Monday?” A question of sorts we’ve been asking each other since Apple announced the Worldwide Developers Conference early this year.

What will happen on Monday?

The iPhone will get a complete redesign, with split screen multi-tasking, with the App Store cellular download limit eliminated, the camera app made more complex, etc. The iPad will gain support for Windows and in turn, will truly redefine what computers are supposed to be.

The Mac will lose the dark mode it got in Mojave, and surprisingly, gain a new pink mode.

The Apple Watch will become more independent. It will connect to a Linux PC instead of your iPhone. Endless possibilities will ensue.

tvOS will now only be eligible to play games, no actual television.

Delving into the specifics, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook will inaugurate the event with a crazy rap. He will turn into an EDM artist who had lost his purpose as the CEO of a colossal corporate structure.

Tim Cook Raising his Hands

It will be fun.

Except it won’t.

Nothing as such is going to happen. Things are going to stay up to sanity.

While WWDC is an icon for excitement and gracious gasps, it is also sometimes disappointing. For example, this year we probably won’t see a redesigned iOS home screen, unfortunately. And iPad apps on the Mac won’t look so great in the initial runs. But it isn’t to say things won’t get rousing

The 2019 WWDC will announce numerous improvements, which apparently for the first time, seems like it’s tailored for the people. Usually, Apple surprises us with updates that we don’t expect and that it thinks people want. But as per the extensive rumors associated with this year’s WWDC, it seems Apple is actually giving people what they want. Plus, there’ll be some surprises too, per tradition.

That said, here is what you can expect Apple will showcase on stage Monday.

iOS 13

The rumors that have led us to this moment suggest iOS will gain a true dark mode. OLED screens are going to benefit the most from it since not all the pixels in an OLED screen need to be lit up to display something on it. So, the dark mode will help shut off the display at places where pixels aren’t needed to light up, thereby, saving battery life.

Apple invites developers from all around the world every year to educate them about the company’s plans for its software. Held near the company’s Cupertino campus in California, WWDC stays one of the most hyped tech events of every year. The Moscone Center was the go-to venue for WWDC up to 2017. However, Apple started hosting WWDC at the Mc Enery Convention Center after 2017.

This year too, WWDC is going to be held at the Mc Enery Convention Center in San Jose from June 3 through 7. Tickets to the event are sold on an invitation basis due to the massive demand. They cost around $1500 every year. The entire conference lasts for three days, the first day being the keynote and the second and the third days being interactive, useful sessions for the developers attending the event. Aside from the live keynote event at San Jose, you can also watch it from your desktop or smartphone via Apple’s live stream.

Here’s how to watch the event live.

iOS 13 is also going to have minor design improvements here and there. According to leaked screenshots obtained by 9to5Mac, the screenshot editing interface will gain an acute makeover, slightly glamorizing the tools.

iOS 13 Screenshot Leaks
Via 9To5Mac

A few stock apps are also subject to redesign Monday. Reminders is prominently one of them. It will gain a new, simple design organizing your reminders according to four predefined categories, namely Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged. Moreover, Find my Friends and Find my iPhone will disappear to amalgamate into a single app vaguely named “Find My.”

iOS 13 Reminders on iPad
iOS 13 Reminders on iPad

iMessage will become more like its old friend-cum-competitor: WhatsApp. It will boast a few features like profile pictures and slight redesigns. Albeit, there won’t be any ‘swipe-to-reply’ feature, which is what I can’t live without now after I’ve used it on WhatsApp.

iOS 13 – and this is liberating– will also revamp the obtrusive volume HUD to make it less distracting.

Additionally, rumors of iOS getting a complete home screen redesign were prominent some time ago, but the hype got seriously affected since 9to5Mac posted authentic iOS 13 screenshots that still showed the same home screen layout that we’ve had for years.

Yet, some developers on Reddit say those screenshots were from an early build of iOS 13, or from a build that hid the redesigned home screen; so there are chances of Apple surprising us. If that’s the case, I’m going to happily receive $100 from my friend. If it’s otherwise, my wallet will run empty. There’s a lot going to happen on Monday.

The iPad’s going to get the most love from iOS 13 since rumors suggest it will update the iPad with software tools essential for it too finally be deemed a true computer, instead of a makeshift computer riddled with bad software.

Delving into the specifics, the iPad will gain enhanced multitasking support allowing you to access split-screen multitasking with the same app. Simply put, you will be able to open two tabs of the Notes app side by side, two instances of email side by side, etc. Besides, the iOS 13 will bring an updated Files app with a major revamp. A new undo/redo option other than shamelessly shaking your device will also be introduced, apparently.

Rumors also suggest mouse/trackpad support will be introduced with iOS 13 for the iPad. Now that will make it a true computer for me.

macOS 10.15

First off, don’t dare ask me what Apple will name the new version. It could be Sahara, Pacific, Arctic or Antarctic. I don’t care as long as my Mac does what I willfully command it to do.

That being clear, macOS 10.15 will bring revolutionary changes. Rather, let me put it this way. It will change revolutionary things. Either way, it’s correct.

According to several rumors and various discussions based on those rumors, it is possible that Apple will merge iOS and MacOS apps. This means that if you are a developer, you won’t have to create apps for both operating systems separately. The code that you write for iOS will be compatible on macOS as well.

The codename for the project back when Apple was actively working on this feature was called Marzipan – a name that has become a continuing identification for such apps. However, Apple has blatantly denied support for the creation of such apps in the past. And this makes the rumors a bit ineffective. But for the most part, let’s believe such apps are coming.

News App- Marzipan
Apple’s News app on the Mac is a preview of the Marzipan platform.

Apple has also previewed Marzipan by releasing apps like Home and News for the Mac. They straight-up look like ports of their iPad counterparts. And that doesn’t mix up well with Mac’s UI. After Monday, though, developers will also be able to create iPad apps for the Mac.

Although Apple has shown us how Marzipan could work with its Home and News app for the Mac, some are very critical to their appearance and performance, but there’s hope that Marzipan will eventually get better with more and more developers implementing it to their apps with different creativities and approaches.

Earlier in this section, I proclaimed that macOS will change revolutionary stuff. Well, emphasizing on that, I’m both sad and joyful to break this to you that macOS 10.15 will kill iTunes. Sad, because I will miss a piece of software that was etched deeply into my life. Happy, because it’s not actually dying.

Practically, Apple is just breaking down iTunes into three software bits – Music, TV, and Podcasts. The Cupertino-based company is doing this to ensure its new TV service obtains appropriate exposure when it launches sometime soon. This move also will strip down the heftiness that iTunes originally shipped with.

iTunes dead, splitup.
Leaked macOS 10.15 screenshots retrieved by 9To5Mac

But you need not worry about iTunes’ sync features that allowed you to connect and manage your other Apple devices because they will be transferred to the Music app. You will then, be able to manage your iPhone using the new Music app.

Here are the screenshots of these individual apps as obtained by 9To5Mac.

However, it is unclear if Apple will split these apps on other platforms as well, besides macOS.

Further, iMessage on macOS 10.15 will get stickers and effects that first emerged on iOS years ago. Apparently, after all these years, Apple has decided it’s time people get these features on their Macs. So much for ecosystem uniformity.

watchOS 6

The Apple Watch has slowly gained momentum on the wearables industry. It crept up the charts and strategically became Apple’s stronghold in the past few years.

This is 40 percent owing to its current independent features such as LTE support and 60 percent due to its excellent medical tracking features such as heart rate tracking and fibrillation measurements.

Albeit, if the rumors are true, your Apple Watch is set to become even more independent, making it even stronger. It will get its own App Store using which you can download apps without the help of your iPhone. While this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, it will certainly make your watch more convenient to use.

Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Moreover, currently, you need to install a third-party app from the App Store to record voice memos on your watch, while the iPhone already has a voice memo app. Therefore, on Monday, watchOS will get its own along with a calculator app — which is also nonexistent on the Apple Watch currently.

In Apple’s move to make the Apple Watch prominent in the medical field, debutant health apps named ‘Dose’ and ‘Cycle’ will remind you of your regular pills and will track periods respectively starting Monday.

On the customization side, your watch will also get new watch faces and complications to support those watch faces. In short, your Apple Watch is going to get more sophisticated on Monday.

tvOS 13

If you have an Apple TV and are expecting some new updates, I’m sorry. There won’t be anything significantly new, except for minor improvements.

Mac Pro

Now, before you jump up with excitement and spill coffee all around, note that Apple hasn’t yet made its plans clear on this product.

For those who are new to the ecosystem and those who don’t know about this, the Mac Pro has been the subject to constant criticism for many years now. It’s a powerful Mac aimed at pro users and is weirdly designed to look like a trashcan. Yet, it’s prominently riddled with performance issues that emerge due to poor thermal handling of its internal components. This slows down the Mac instead of serving its purpose — which is to handle highly intensive tasks.

Mac Pro
Mac Pro Trash Can design

Albeit, Apple, on Monday will probably try to fix its mistakes by previewing a rethought Mac Pro free of the issues that haunt current users.

WWDC isn’t a hardware event, by any means. But history helps predict that new hardware could be announced Monday.


I asked a question at the beginning of this post. I expect an answer and you are free to opine in the comments below.

What will happen on Monday?

Your excitement level will soar, coupled with an adrenaline rush. Just five minutes before the event begins, your heart beats will increase. It may feel like your heart will burst out any moment. You will turn on the volume all the way up. And then…

Then, when old Timmy appears on the stage, you will cheer, feeling like a part of the audience, even if you’d be behind a technological piece of glass that’s streaming the event over internet. You will gasp when the audience gasps. You will scream of excitement when an Apple executive says, “we’ve got a video for you.”

Yes, that’s what you will exactly do.

So, check out this post to learn how to watch Apple’s WWDC event live when it’s Monday.

Also, stay in touch to know how you can get the new firmware announced at WWDC right away.

I’ll also let you know, in detail, about the announcements at WWDC 2019. Till then, stay tuned. Some really exciting stuff is on the way.