Hate the new iMac’s front? This oft-ignored item can fix it

Feel sorry for discarding it all these years.

Apple today announced a new 24-inch iMac with an M1 chip and seven different color options. It looks amazing from the back. But on the front, not so much.

For some reason, Apple decided not to include the Apple logo on the chin in the front, leaving a considerably huge blank space (at least by today’s standards) that looks abysmal paired with the white bezels.

Apple could either have reduced the size of the chin by shifting the core internals to the back of the display, as MKBHD rightly suggests, or it could’ve simply added the Apple logo in the front. While there is enough visual stimulation for someone who’s standing behind the new iMac, there’s none for the person using it (except the display, obviously).

Hold on, though. There’s apparently a way to fix that. It might not be elegant, but it might make the front of the iMac look better than what it is now. The fix is also quite simple and effortless. But for that, we will have to bring into the light what we’ve been ignoring and discarding as futile all these years. Did you guess it?… No?

Apple stickers.

Apple Stickers
Stillshot from Mike Fiend’s ASMR Show on YouTube

Apple has a tradition of including a pair of Apple stickers within its products’ boxes. I have found no practical use of them so far and only have seen them stuck on cars, but that isn’t a good look, in my opinion.

What you can instead do is place it on your new iMac’s chin and you’re good to go.

It’s worth noting that Apple includes different Apple stickers for different Apple products. For instance, Apple stickers that come with iPhones are white whereas those that came with my MacBook Air were silver. The Mac Pro shipped with black Apple stickers.

Now, it’s a matter of choice and availability. Of course, if you’ve only ever bought one kind of Apple product, you might be left with a single color option. However, if you’ve owned multiple Apple products previously and saved the Apple stickers that came alongside, you’ve got several options to choose from based on the color of your new iMac.

iMac with an Apple logo.
This looks way better. Source: u/Wikwoo on Reddit.

Of course, that doesn’t solve the white bezel problem. White bezels are distracting and the fact Apple considered them as opposed to black ones is baffling to me. You might, although, be able to stick a black skin there by yourself. I’m sure some third-party skin manufacturer will step in and save the day when the time comes.

As for the glaringly bright colors, I’m not sure if I like them. And I’m not sure if other people will too.

This leaves us with an interesting realization: regardless of the complaints you have about the aesthetics of the new iMac, stickers are the only solution.

Look how the tables have turned…