Google Maps for iOS gets customizable navigation arrows

Google Maps now features customizable navigation arrows in an update that is currently being rolled out to users. A small, but a highly welcome change; you’ll be finally able to change your old and weary blue navigation arrow to blocky and pixelated cars.

Waze maps, which is now owned by Google, has had this feature for years and people actually enjoy using it. However, it’s not sure that cars, in place of a pointed arrow, can prove to be a good navigational beacon. Although, for now, you’ll have to own an iPhone to enjoy this feature. However, Android support is coming soon.

As compared to Google Maps, Waze has always been a better option. It features live traffic and accident reports, completely driven by fellow Waze users. I don’t know, but I get to my destination a lot faster using Waze than I’ve ever done using Google Maps. And that’s the only offsetting part. However, Google’s app is more accurate, I guess, and the prime reason for that is its vast data bank.

Anyways, you can activate the boxed, pixelated cars just by tapping on the blue arrow during an ongoing navigation and choose one that you like. Android users. Guess you’ll have to wait for this one as well. Good luck, though!