Google Home And Home Mini launched in India- “To Be Flipkart Exclusive”

Google Home and Google Mini speakers launch, release date and price in India

Ever since I was a child, I always wondered what it will be like when machines will talk to us. Fast forward to 2014. I always fascinated of having an assistant to sort out my study problems (lol). Even though Google Now was available at that time, it was pretty naive and couldn’t answer as naturally as it does now. Furthermore, it was only existing on our smartphones and not anywhere else.


Google Home Mini (Charcoal Black)

Last year Google launched the Home and the Home mini in the United States, and I always wanted to buy it as soon as it was available. To no avail, its settings were only limited to the USA, so even though I could get it in India, it would not function to its fullest.


Finally, today, Google launched 2 of its smart speakers in India, the ever so important and growing market in the world.

Even though India is still at a very nascent stage for a thing like smart speakers, but Google is confident enough in introducing it in India. As it’s said, “Don’t follow the trend, be the trend.” India is still plagued by slow internet and inconsistent network, but we can always hope that it will improve over the coming years.

So coming to the lineup, Google has introduced two smart speakers namely the Google Home, and The Google Home Mini. Both are pretty much the same in features except their size and sound quality.

The Google Home Mini is almost the size of a hockey puck and the bigger Home is the size of a flower pot. Both are Wi-Fi equipped and connect to the interweb using the inbuilt Wi-Fi. The Mini is the most basic entry in the smart speaker segment and can be connected to your existing sound system.


This enables you to listen to your favorite songs without connecting any external USB thumb stick or any smartphone.Unlike Apple Homepod or Amazon Echo, the home’s main competitors, it supports a huge variety of music services including Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Pandora .this is an added bonus as not all users are subscribed to one specific website itself. Even though Spotify isn’t available in India yet, I am sure Google has some alternate planes already in place.My best guess would be they could have tied up with Saavn.

Google Home
Google Home

Coming To the Build Quality, the Mini is a unidirectional speaker firing upwards, whereas the Home has speakers in 4 directions throwing its sound everywhere.Of course, the mini was not meant to be a standalone speaker but it is not shy of showing off its loud voice.

The Home is a perfect home audio solution with a superior sound quality and higher sound levels.of course, its sound is not as rich as, say the Apple HomePod but it gets its job done nevertheless.The home is a very well built speaker with a slightly quirky shape of a table lamp.It has a touch panel on top from where you can control sound or change tracks from the get-go.the home mini lacks any kind of touch panel.

Both the speakers require power all the time making them stationary all the time.But they were not meant to be portable in the first place so that’s not a huge dealbreaker.the home mini comes in 3 different colors whereas the home comes in 2 different colors.The best part about these speakers it that they come with Google Assistant built in.That’s the whole point in buying these speakers.

Google Assistant is currently the best virtual assistant available.In reference to the comparisons done by the Mr.MKBHD, Google Assistant is the most natural and versatile assistant to date.Due to its machine learning capabilities and AI features, it always gets better day by day!images

Coming to the availability, it goes on sale from 2 PM today. It is going to be a Flipkart exclusive. Coming to the pricing, the Home is priced at 130$ and the home mini at 49$ in the United States.

The Google Home is priced at 9999INR and The Google Home Mini is priced at 4999INR.Rest assured India is indeed ready for OK GOOGLE! All over AGAIN!

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