Get these 5 “under $10” accessories with free shipping from Amazon!

Ever wanted to be proud and boastful owners of quirky accessories that also rank high in terms of their usefulness?

You’re in luck! Thanks to Amazon’s witty deals, you can now grab decent tech accessories at just under $10, with an added benefit of free shipping. These accessories are alluring, easy on the wallet, durable, and quirky. On the other hand, they would surprise you on how useful they are. Ranging from cute MacBook stickers to durable lightning cables, you won’t ever have enough of them…

Let’s see five of them for now:

1. Casual Laptop Backpack; Classic Bookbag Rucksack by Gogolan– $10

Best under $10 accessories- Bag

For the price of just two casual coffee cups, who knew you could get a multipurpose rucksack-cum-laptop bag? It’s quite impressive; not just the fact that you get a decent quality bag for $10, but, a multipurpose one for $10.

People who hold some knowledge about bags must know that finding multipurpose bags for this cheap is a very rare occurrence. Sure, you could get one in China town or some other low-cost markets, but you won’t get it at your doorstep with waived-off delivery charges.

Speaking of the features this bag cherishes, it has an outer layer made up of light and soft canvas fabric. It has a size of 40 x 30 x 16cm/16 x 12 x 6.3 inches and can hold a laptop with a screen size of up to 15.6-inches. Two pockets on the side, two zippers on the front, one at the back, two pockets inside, and one main compartment pretty much sum up the bag’s capacity to hold items. Further, it can bag daily-life stuff such as iPads- which play a huge part in one’s day, books, clothes, etc.

School/College students could find this bag very comfortable considering its versatility in terms of the kinds of stuff it can hold.

2. Cute Sleeping Dreaming Panda – Macbook Laptop Vinyl Decal Sticker– $4

Best under $10 accessories- Panda Sticker

Pandas can now be yours for just $4. Well, at least you could have fancy types of vinyl that have a panda-like appearance stuck up at the back of your shiny little MacBooks.

Vinyl stickers that don’t cover the entire back of a MacBook have been in fashion since the introduction of the first MacBook Pros. They imprint a sense of newness to the laptop, even though you’d have owned it for years; and make them appear more upscale. Vinyl is not specifically made for MacBooks; they are used in other laptops as well. But, no laptop other than a MacBook enhances the visual beauty of a Vinyl, and that’s mainly because of the effect that the glowing Apple logo never fails to produce.

3. TOPHOME Cord Organizer Earbud Holder– $8

Best under $10 accessories- Earphone organizer

Every single commuter who might have had wired earphones in their pockets would know the importance of this earbud holder.

Usually, when kept in a purse or pocket, earphones tend to entangle themselves almost magically into unsolvable wire puzzles that take eternities to uncomplicate. But the problem won’t persist if it’s been taken care of in the first place.

Made up of prime-quality leather material, this earphone organizer by TopHome has a classy appearance that actually stands out in the public. It is durable up to certain levels, but I don’t recommend depending on it for too long, as hefty commutes may break it easily, thereby; maybe resulting in a loss of your headphones.

4. GIM Airpods Protective case with Strap Silicone Cover for Apple AirPods Accessories, Red– $10

Best under $10 accessories- AirPods case

Airpods are pretty pesky when it comes to handling them. Since they aren’t connected to each other, losing one piece from a pair is pretty easy provided the fact that they don’t fit well in your ears.

Also, the white ceramic-shaded tooth floss case- oops! My bad! – AirPods case wouldn’t have turned out as rough as you’d probably expected it to be.

Fret not, I have a solution to all your AirPods related problems. All you have to do is buy this $10 case that comes along with an AirPods connector- all made up of silicon. Besides, the seductive red coating is something you can’t help looking away from. The best part- it’s available at your doorstep for only $10.

5. Anker Lightning Cable/iPhone Charging Charger Cable (3ft)– $8

Best under $10 accessories- Anker Lightning cable

Original lightning cables from Apple cost a fortune, yet wear off in a month; rendering them useless.

This cable from Anker- a prominent brand- is a great deal; especially because they are available for just $8. It’s MFi (Made For iPhone) certified and 3ft long. Apart from that, it totally works as a normal USB-cum-charging cable for your iPhone.

These are the deals for the day. Though, you’ll have to grab them as soon as you can, as these kinds of deals don’t come daily. Now, you can flaunt these purchases to everyone around, since they are probably more sophisticated than their original counterparts.