I’m not kidding! Here’s how you can earn money just by receiving emails.

It's fairly simple, believe it or not!

How to earn money by receiving emails?

If your inbox looks anything like mine, you might have already thought about banging your head on the wall.

Sending an email is a pristine, ancient thing to do today. Only businesses, organizations, and individuals use email heavily for communication. Rest use it to get confirmation codes and one-time passwords from security-conscious websites. Still, email is one of the major media in the excruciating world of the internet. 

According to a study generated on Statista, 2018 saw transfers of 281.1 Billion emails. Out of which, 53.5 percent were spam. Healthcare and dating, additionally, were the type of spam emails that were sent most. If you’ve intermittently been a victim of one or some of those spam emails out of the 53.5 percent, what I’m going to show you will change your life.

Moreover, note that this method works even when you get an email from an unknown sender. This is how receiving emails can earn you money.

How does it work?

But wait. Before I dive into the de facto steps to earn money just by receiving emails, let me educate you on how it works. You sign up for a service called BitBounce (it’s free) by entering the email ID you want to protect from spam. In turn, you earn money. A cryptocurrency named Credo is the money in this case. Each time an unknown sender sends you an email, BitBounce will automatically ask for the amount you set to the sender against accepting the email to the inbox. BitBounce, in turn, takes a 30 percent share out of each payment made on each email.

You can then exchange the Credo’s you accumulated for other currencies, including US Dollars. It is, however, better explained on its website: 

Credo is the token you earn when someone you don’t know sends you an unsolicited email. You can use the Credo you earn to send your own emails to people you don’t know, trade it for other currencies, or hold onto it as its power increases.

In contrast to asking money to allow accepting emails, you can also whitelist certain email IDs. 

A question, however, that flashes the mind is who will really be willing to pay to make sure the email you sent has been received? The answer isn’t as simple as it seems. The only people who’ll pay will be those who hysterically need the email to be read. Which is mostly small-scale businesses. Not every spam sender, however, would like to spend money on a job where deceivingly extorting money is the prime play. Nevertheless, this is a splendid way to fight unwanted emails and spam. 

Let’s move on to the steps, now that we know how the process exactly works. 

How to earn money by receiving emails? 

The process is fairly simple for a task of such complexity. 

  • Type in bitbounce.com in the URL bar of any browser. 
  • Once the page loads, enter your email: 
  • Enter your account details.
  • You’re done!

It’s that simple. After completion, though, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where you can find all sorts of information regarding the service’s acquisition with your inbox. You’ll be able to find information such as your wallet balance, the number of paid and bounced emails, and the amount of time you saved by using the service. And surprisingly, this data seems too naive and simply laid out for a service that is associated with cryptocurrency. 

How to earn money using BitBounce?
BitBounce Dashboard

Now let me show you how to fine tune the service for optimum monetization. 

How to fine-tune the service?

In order to gain sufficient earnings as well as not annoy your senders, head on to the settings tab. 

There, you’ll find all sorts of settings you can tamper with. Do this:

  1. Change your password. Doing this must be your priority after creating the account. 
  2. Set the BitBounce fee to $0.5. This ensures that you don’t repel the senders with excessive pricing and yet, radiate importance. It is the fee that will be charged to senders against allowance to your inbox. 
  3. Set the appropriate autoresponder message disclosing the deal. However, the default text is just about perfect and will get the job done. No need to intrinsically type new text. 
  4. Keep your email contacts synced. This is the most important step. If significant contacts won’t be whitelisted, there’s a chance you might annoy the sender and lose your relation. Above all, no individual would like to be greeted with an email paywall just to casually contact you. So, make sure this option is checked. 
  5. Lastly, if you want, download BitBounce’s iOS and Android apps along with the Chrome extension. 


No matter what, the war with spam and unwanted emails is a large one. And it’s good to see tools as such encouraging the discouragement of spammers. 

There’s a high chance, however, that you never earn anything significant from it. But, if your account is from the ones that are riddled with colossal amounts of spam, you could gross a petty amount, just for fun!