Disgruntled employees vandalize Wistron office in India

Source: 9To5Mac

Disgruntled employees vandalized Wistron’s manufacturing office in Bengaluru on Saturday due to reasons allegedly pertaining to non-payment of salary even after working 12-hour shifts, Indian news publication news18 reports.

The incident occurred during a shift change when employees went on a demolition spree. They broke glasses, set ablaze two cars, and disintegrated cameras within the premises.

As per the report, employees were disgruntled due to underpayment of salaries and violation of overtime policies. They reportedly claimed that many workers were made to work for 12 hours while their shifts were only recorded for 7-8 hours. Moreover, they were only paid Rs. 200-300 ($2-$4) per day.

A room set on fire along with vehicles at Wistron manufacturing office in Bengaluru, India. Source: New Indian Express

According to a security guard who was present when this incident occurred, workers said that salaries weren’t paid on time for several months on end.

The employees grew enraged when the management failed to address their grievances, according to the report.

Wistron is a Taiwan-based iPhone parts manufacturer. It’s one of the major manufacturers in Apple’s supply chain that the company relies on. Wistron initiated plans to shift much of its production to countries like India earlier this year, while it already produces iPhone 7 and iPhone SE models.

This isn’t the first time a report of such nature has emerged from Apple’s supply chain. Last month, the Cupertino-based company suspended another manufacturer Pegatron from likely acquiring future projects due to reports of violation of labor laws.