Dear Samsung, I appreciate your audacity

Dear Samsung,

I watched the Apple event two days ago. Liked it. Just wanted you to know that.

I saw Tim Cook blabber about 5G and had a good chuckle. Then that was it. Woke up the next morning. Saw a bunch of smartphone manufacturers take a jab at Apple with witty responses. Eh…

Today, I woke up, scrolled through my Twitter feed, found this:

Raised my eyebrows a bit… chuckled again, and continued living my day thinking that’s the last we’re hearing about Apple from you this year. I was wrong. You came up with this:

“Your #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger to the best camera, battery, performance, memory, and even 120Hz screen,” Samsung’s Facebook post reads.

I gotta say, I appreciate your audacity. You probably might have been waiting to post this. Apple removed the charging adapter and a pair of EarPods from the iPhone 12’s box and you couldn’t wait to comment. As a matter of fact, I kind of had an intuition that you would do this.

Still, I appreciate your audacity.

You made fun of Apple back in 2016 when they got rid of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7; you plugged your way into that situation. I was enraged at Apple for doing that and kind of unashamedly got on the diss train you poured a huge volume of fuel in. But then, you betrayed me in 2018 when you launched the Samsung Galaxy A8 without a headphone jack. That’s fine! I am a forgiving person if you don’t know already.

You also made fun of Apple’s Lightning to 3.5mm headphone dongle in one of your videos. Turned out, you launched a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone dongle of your own for the Galaxy Note 10. Look, I know it takes some real self-control to not mock someone out of jealousy only to end up following them later. Take it from me. That’s all I’ve done in my early teenage years.

That’s why, I appreciate your audacity.

Even though Tim Apple may be drooling right now just thinking about how much money Apple accrues from their decision to ditch charging adapters from the iPhone 12’s box, at least they have a positive motive that may as well save the environment. I haven’t heard any carbon footprint-reducing pledges from you!

The fact is, I know. My friends know. My grandma knows at this point that you’re going to ditch your adapters as well. It’s just a matter of time. There are even rumors making rounds about you getting rid of the charging adapter soon, can’t you notice?

Oh! the hypocrisy.

The audacity….

Your Well Wisher.