How to easily clear Apple TV+ viewing history

Apple TV+ is here and it features a host of fantastic shows and movies.

This means you are going to binge-watch content all the time. But while most content on Apple’s new streaming service seems to be top-notch entertainment, there’s no assurance you won’t find one or two subpar flicks. Also, I’m sure you are gonna have a guilty pleasure that you may not want anyone to find out.

No matter the reason, you can always clear your Apple TV+ viewing history in a few taps

Here’s how you can clear your Apple TV+ viewing history:

How to clear Apple TV+ viewing history

Before you go ahead, consider that clearing history from an Apple ID on one device associated with that Apple ID will clear history from all devices associated with the same Apple ID.

This means you do not necessarily need to use your Apple TV or your Mac to clear viewing history, you can do that easily using your iPhone/iPad/iPod that’s readily accessible.

Steps to clear Apple TV+ History
  1. Open the Apple TV+ application on your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  2. At the homepage, in the “Watch Now” tab, tap on your Apple ID profile located on the top right corner beside the huge “Watch Now” label.
  3. Among the options on the screen, tap on “Clear Play History” to clear your viewing history.

That will do it for you. Apple TV+ will reinstate content as if new and you will no longer be recommended content based on your taste until you watch something again.

Apple TV+ is Apple’s new streaming service that costs only $4.99 per month. You can either use it individually or include your family in the plan for the same price. It’s a step forward in Apple’s service-centered approach to clip people to its products.

The new streaming service from Apple starts with a bang featuring interesting shows like “See” starring Jason Momoa and “The Morning Show” starring Steve Carrel, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon.

If nothing, it’s worth checking out.

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