Check out this amazing TV from MI set to compete with the LG Wallpaper TV

Xiaomi has revolutionized the market with its products lately. For starters, it was founded on 6th of April in Beijing, China by Lei Jun (current CEO) along with some other folks. They initiated this company with the intent to shake the tech world in its own inertia. Since Xiaomi has laid foot in the tech world, it has been on the same path that Apple has walked before.

For example, so far, the company has launched its MI series of smartphones, ventured into the laptop world, sold its own accessories, and set its foot into the ‘TV-world.’ Well, it always seemed like Xiomi copied Apple to the finest of details. Even to the extent that it was being called as ‘China’s own Apple!’ Although, this time seems a bit different. Xiaomi has set out to compete with LG by introducing the 4th generation of the MI TV product series.

But, this time the ‘China’s Apple’ is doing something out of the way. MI TV 4’s product page says that it’s the thinnest TV in the world at only 4.9 millimeters. This is how thin it looks:

Xiaomi MI TV 4
Image Source: Xiaomi

Well, it’s not completely thin, but has a little bulge at the bottom which facilitates its power service. Additionally, it has bezels which seem thinner than LG’s OLED Wallpaper TV. Also, as compared to the same, the MI TV 4 has a 2-inch thicker design.So, the point Xiaomi calling it the thinnest display in the world is baseless. The display is a 4K HDR display. Additionally, as I said earlier that it’s not completely thin like the LG TV, cause the LG TV has a completely thin design and positively lacks a bulge. The LG TV was thinner when it was compared to a regular pencil.

It has an extremely minimalistic approach!

However, both the displays are powered by a bar that controls all the processing using a single cable. It has a 64-bit Quad-core CPU with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. Because of its excessive thinness, you cannot directly plug a USB or a HDMI cable to the back of the display, so the bar helps you in not being left out. The bar on the MI TV has upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. Additionally, MI offers you a sub woofer along with a set of speakers that, according to MI, provides you with the best immersive sound experience.

Unlike the LG Wallpaper TV, you have the option to set the display either on a stand or mount it onto the wall. Speaking of resting the display on a stand, the stand is made up of glass so that it does not compromise the overall aesthetics of the TV. Moreover, the TV is completely made up of metal so it has a premium feel to it. That’s not what you get on the LG Wallpaper TV.

MI TV 4 Display
Image Source: Xiaomi

This TV has its own deep learning AI software named as Patchwall. It does the sweet job of understanding your preferences and intelligently classifies content, providing you with highly personalized recommendations. Based on your interests, it curates the best movies, series and whatnot for you. Patchwall recommends you content based on the usage data from different apps such as Amazon’s video service, Netflix, Indian content provider Hungama, etc. While on the other side of the bridge, the LG Wallpaper TV has its own version, known as webOS. The MI TV also supports screen mirroring through your phone. But you can control the TV only using a MI phone, or any Android phone using its companion app. Other ecosystems are not supported unfortunately as of now.

But wait, folks! Here’s the biggest perk. The 65-inch LG OLED Wallpaper TV costs $8000, which is equivalent to Rs. 5,16,120. The 77-inch version of the same TV has a colossal price tag of $20,000 which is equivalent to Rs. 12,90,300. It’s cheap isn’t it? Well, you can get a new Subaru in the US and around 4 Tata Nano cars in India for the same price tag.

Though our friend here, the 55-inch MI TV 4 costs just Rs. 39,999, which is equivalent to just $620, which is apparently cheaper than an iPhone. Of course, it’s not going to be as good as the LG Wallpaper TV in terms of quality and reliability, but it’s not at all a bad deal. In fact, it could be similarly as good as the LG TV or even better. We don’t know yet.

MI TV 4 environment
Image Source: Xiaomi

But there’s one catch. The MI TV 4 will be available to buy only in India starting at 2pm on 22nd of February. It is certain that this beautiful piece of engineering is gonna sell like hot cakes, or even better, like God church! You can visit this link here to get it when it becomes available.

Well, you gotta be on the edge of your seat and have fast fingers to type your credibility while ordering this. As I’ve said before, this is gonna sell like a freaking God church!

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