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Customize PopSockets
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Do you want a PopSocket? Well, there are thousands available on shopping sites like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, etc. Although they do the job, it is fair to say that they gravely lack in one of the most beautiful aspects of owning a PopSocket.


You are sure to be denied (probably called as a maniac, too) demanding a custom PopSocket from retailers on Amazon. What do you do, then? Visit the websites mentioned further into the post. These websites not only allow you to customize PopSockets on your own but also order them at dirt cheap prices. Ahem! One of those websites is the creator of PopSockets itself.

But before we delve into the world of PopSockets, it’s better to know some things about them first.

What is a PopSocket?

As vile as it may seem to stick it on the back of your phone or tablet, PopSockets are really useful. Mechanically, they are simply dots that are fixated over an accordion that pops in and out as per requirement.

The bottom plate has an adhesive that helps the PopSocket stick on a surface, be it glass, metal, wood, silicon, rubber or plastic. The adhesive itself is also quite reliable in terms of durability while balancing the weight of your phone.

Although, it all started when David Barnett, the founder of PopSockets, tried devising a way to organize his tangled headphones. In the process, he stuck two buttons at the back of his device and coiled the headphones around. That made his day, and his future to come. After creating several variations and prototypes, he finally stuck on to one– that we use today –that made him a fortune, and in the process, made interacting with smartphones weirdly easy.

What can you use a PopScoket for, though?

Most people usually distaste the ugliness of PopSockets on the basis of its physical appearance. But for once, just swivel past the enormity and use it personally. Only then you’ll know the true essence of a PopSocket’s knack for usefulness.

As time is evident, iPhones are getting larger and larger in screen size. The iPhone XS Max, for instance, is a humongous piece of Apple hardware that cannot be (and should not be) used with one hand. As a matter of fact, try using it single-handedly until that you realize the soreness in your thumb after a while. That’s not all that affects. You can also drop and potentially damage your colossal XS Max while using it single-handedly.

PopSockets specifically cater to fix this problem. Albeit, efficient and secure single-handed use is not the only task a PopSocket is suitable for. In fact, PopSockets were initially intended to perform something entirely different from helping ease single-handed smartphone use. They were invented to manage tangled wired headphones. You can do that too like this:

Other regular, spin-off uses include jutting out the PopSocket and using it as a stand while watching videos on your iPhone, using it as a stand to capture selfies, etc. You can also buy an additional PopSocket accessory (yes, even PopSockets have accessories) that sticks your phone on any vertical flat surface. This is my favorite, if you may!

Why customize PopSockets?

Customization often falls under the umbrella term “personalization.” It refers to the idea of an individual wanting to meet specific requirements suitable to him/her.

A blog post on HubSpot says, “we know that a personalized experience — by its very nature — is in some way different from the status quo. You’re not just getting what everyone else is getting with personalization. Instead, you’re getting something tailored to you. And because of that, it makes you feel more in control.”

Likewise, customizing PopSockets is essential, but not mandated. You can create your own graphics to be printed while customizing PopSockets, your own art, so that it matches with your overall appearance. A friend of mine owns about 36 PopSockets (each custom designed) to match them with his clothes and different colors of iPhone cases. And guess what, it looks singularly aesthetic.

Despite the fact that people prefer to customize PopSockets on their own, not many websites offer this option. You cannot customize a PopSocket on Amazon, for instance. Although, the websites that do offer customization have a minimum order limit of 100 pieces. Now, you may not want 100 custom PopSockets, unless you’d want to distribute them among your employees or peers.

Thankfully, though, I’ve found three websites that not only splendidly offer you to customize PopSockets without an apex minimum but also offer them at dire reasonable costs. I’ve also ranked them according to their services and flexibility. You may want to take a look.


A newfangled website that offers a vast amount of service in a significantly reduced cost, Plushy is the best place to visit online if you want to customize PopSockets.

Any online business has some incentives that make it better than its competition. For Plushy, it’s three things. First, and most importantly, all of the products– not only PopSockets but specifically PopSockets — are dirt cheap. Ahem, a-cup-of-coffee cheap. Then, everything that Plushy offers is eligible for free shipping. Finally, the website offers reasonable shipping times considering the minutiae of products it ships.

All this is fair, but the one aspect of customizing PopSockets that people dread is the approval process. You cannot pick up a photo of anything inappropriate to be printed on a PopSocket. Taking that into consideration, most sites that allow you to customize PopSockets require some time to approve your image/graphics before initiating printing.

Plushy doesn’t.

While this doesn’t, by any means, give you a right to print inappropriate stuff on a PopSocket, the chances of your design mistakenly being ruled out reduce significantly.

You can customize PopSockets and have them shipped to your doorstep for only $9.99 making it the cheapest service in this business yet. Further, based on the reviews, there aren’t any complaints. It’s shipping times are a bit off, on the other hand, but fair.

Plushy Shipping and Delivery Times: Customize PopSockets
Plushy Shipping and Delivery Times

Customize PopSockets from PopSockets itself!

PopSockets created PopSockets and the petite market surrounding it. Wouldn’t it be good, then, to customize a PopSocket and order it from PopSockets itself? Baffled?

Ordering directly from the parent company rather than from third-party businesses has only one benefit. You achieve the best quality products in varieties, with the latest items being accessible right away as they become available.

PopSockets has the best quality material on which you can imprint your custom design on. Albeit, as compared to Plushy, PopSockets neither provides free shipping nor is fast considering its scale.

That said, in order to customize PopSockets by yourself, the company will need to process your request for the design’s approval before shipping it. This is just to ensure fair use. But users have complained that some of their designs got rejected even though they were appropriate. On the other hand, the approval process itself takes three days, besides shipping.

The takeaway is that PopSockets is not so good in terms of logistics. The product itself is also not cheap. You will have to spend $18 in total including tax and $3 shipping charges to get a customized PopSocket. But trust me for once, the experience in the long-run is sustainable, if not blissful.


DecalGirl, as the name suggests, is a decal website. You can get decals and stickers for almost any accessory you like. But for this post, let’s stick to PopSockets.

Unlike the other contenders in this list, DecalGirl only offers stickers to stick upon a blank PopSocket. It does not ship PopSockets. But it was worth mentioning in this post due to the quality and material options available.

That said, there are two materials you could choose for the sticker:

  1. Matte/Satin or
  2. High Gloss

Either seems good. But the Matte/Satin option is quite uncommon so buying that would be a smart choice.

Everything seems candy from the outside. From the inside, however, it’s spiderwebs and dust. The biggest let-down is the $14.79 price including shipping and taxes, especially acknowledging the fact that you’re only getting a sticker; not a PopSocket. But that’s not just the bare minimum you’d have to pay. If you’re a rich brat, you can pay for alternate shipping options to get the sticker early, of whose prices are listed below: (US)

Although, what DecalGirl loses in pricing, gains back on shipping times. It has the fastest shipping estimates of the three services listed in this post bringing your product at your doorstep in at 1.5 weeks. But, that time is subject to change as per external influences.

All-in-all it’s an average service with slightly more than average prices.


PopSockets are not that big of a deal. But if you have already planned to buy one from these websites, I would suggest you go for Plushy. Simply because it does not have any downsides. It is cheap, versatile, and respects quality.

PopSockets (company) is more expensive than Plushy, but it won’t ever degrade in quality. So if you are a quality conscious person, PopSockets might be for you.

Lastly, if you are someone who has a knack for spending irresponsibly and already has a PopSocket, you can go for DecalGirl. It won’t disappoint you.

That said, PopSockets seem to be on the rise lately. It’s only interesting to see where the company will go further with this product.

Let me know of your experience with these services once you interact with them. Or have you already used these services? Either way, let me know!

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