40 Stunning Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 13.5 and lower

The best jailbreak tweaks you need!

Jailbreaking is not defunct yet, and that is expressed by the dedication jailbreak developers put in to pop out a new one once in a while.

iPhones on all versions of iOS 13 now support jailbreak, owing to Pwn20wnd and EveryThingApplePro’s PhoneRebel case brand.

A new jailbreak means more public exposure to tweaks. However, whenever a jailbreak is released, tweak developers begin adding support for the latest jailbreak in their tweaks, if not create new ones.

This process usually takes time until most tweaks are made compatible. But, some tweaks exist that don’t utilize core features and are readily available right off the bat.

We are gonna have a look at some of those tweaks so that you can enjoy your new jailbroken device to the utmost potential.

Assuming you have installed the jailbreak and Cydia correctly, you might want to add these repositories to Cydia before you search for any jailbreak tweak.

  • http://rpetri.ch/repo/
  • http://getdelta.co/
  • https://repo.packix.com/
  • http://beta.sparkservers.co.uk/
  • http://tateu.net/repo/
  • https://ib-soft.net/cydia/
  • https://cydia.angelxwind.net/
  • http://limneos.net/repo/
  • https://apt.alfhaily.me/
  • http://beta.unlimapps.com/
  • http://cydia.ichitaso.com/
  • https://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/
  • https://beta.cpdigitaldarkroom.com/
  • http://coolstar.org/publicrepo/
  • https://cydia.hbang.ws/
  • http://repo.nullpixel.uk/
  • https://midnightchip.github.io/repo/

Now, finally, let’s get to the best jailbreak tweaks for iOS 13. Note that these tweaks also work on previous versions of the jailbreak. Excited?

1. Anemone

Best Cydia Tweaks: Anemone

A stellar theming engine concocted by keeping jailbreak users in mind. Most people already know about this tool. But for those who don’t, using Anemone, you’ll be able to install exquisite themes to make your iPhone not look like an iPhone and give it an altogether new feel.

Check out my series of the best Anemone themes:

Anemone is available from the official Electra repo on Cydia.

2. BetterPowerDown

Best Cydia Tweaks: BetterPowerDown

As mentioned before, the initial stages of a jailbreak are deemed to be unstable. The iDevice would have to be rebooted once in a while to ensure smooth working. But, iPhones, iPads, and iPods do not support one-tap reboots right out of the box. This is when BetterPowerDown comes in handy.

With this tweak, you’ll be able to easily reboot, respring, and shut down your iDevice in one swipe.

3. NoLargeTitles

iOS 11 shipped with a lot of new changes. However, the introduction of large titles placed almost everywhere in the UI faced a lot of criticism from fellow users. Agree or not, large titles don’t look as good as they sound.

This tweak disables all the large titles throughout the UI and restores them with smaller titles- as present in iOS 10 and before. It’s a pretty simple one with no settings to configure. However, you’ll thank me later after installing this tweak.

4. Ventana

Best Cydia Tweaks: Ventana

Ventana works more on the visual aid than proving to be useful. It enables a Windows 10-like lock-screen with info on already-enabled toggles, modified notifications, a re-arranged clock and better a better placement of music toggles.

As mentioned above, you won’t feel advantageous as this tweak doesn’t perform any tasks that ease your usage. However, a jailbreak doesn’t solely exist to enhance usability, it can also set a ground for ultimate customizations- the ones which are out of bounds. And Ventana is one of the many examples set by the jailbreak community in favor of customizing an iDevice.

5. Zeppelin

Best Cydia Tweaks: Zeppelin
Credits: iDownloadBlog

A prime tweak that can be found on almost all jailbroken devices, Zeppelin is the tweak you can root for if you hate the carrier text in the status bar. The tweak basically allows replacing the carrier text with a custom logo/icon.

You can choose from a plethora of inbuilt icons (and many external packages available) that can stand in place of the carrier text. A Superman logo would look stunning, right? Maybe an Apple logo?

6. BrightVol

Best Cydia Tweaks: Brightvol

This is an Activator ridden tweak, which means that it requires the tweak- Activator- to work. BrightVol helps you decrease or increase the brightness of the device using the volume buttons- hence the name “BrightVol.” All you have to do is press both volumes up and down buttons simultaneously, and the buttons will be remapped to control brightness instead of volume.

To get the volume controls back, press the volume buttons simultaneously once again.

7. Chrysalis

Enchanting name! But, the work it does is even better. Chrysalis tweaks the 3D app switcher on iPhones supporting 3D touch to look more minimalistic. Instead of showing full-sized app cards, the tweak displays a bunch of icons of apps running in the background.

With this tweak, you can jump to any app you want using 3D touch, which is one thing you can’t do without this tweak. Usually, you’ll get to jump back to the last app you were in- not any app in your background.

8. Cylinder

Best Cydia Tweaks: Cylinder

A legendary tweak. For those who don’t know what Cylinder is, it is a tweak which enables playful scroll animations for the app drawer. You can choose from a vast majority of animations. Cydia also hosts a number of external animation packages for Cylinder.

This tweak has been in the jailbreak community since the first jailbreak was launched. And yet, it never fails to amuse its users.

9. Opener

As obvious as it sounds, this tweak opens stuff. But, there’s a catch.

When you open a link from Safari or any other app, there’s always a default app to open the link. For example, when you tap on a link in WhatsApp, the default browser set to open the link in Safari. However, with this tweak you can change the app you would like to open the link in. So now If I wanna open a link from WhatsApp, I can reprogram it to open in Chrome.

10. Activator

Deemed as one of the most important tweaks of all time, Activator provides a base for several other tweaks to function on. With Activator, you can set specific action combinations to evoke a certain function. A tweak in our list- BrightVol uses Activator.

11. 3Edgy5Me

The tweak adds similar lighting for notification alerts.

3Edgy5Me is a visually appealing tweak that shows a line of light at the edges when a notification arrives. This tweak is a rip-off of Samsung Galaxy device’s edge notifications.

As for this tweak, you can customize the color of the light wave in the settings.

12. 9Folderz

Don’t worry, this tweak is from the frequently updated list of iOS 13 compatible jailbreak tweaks. That said, do you miss the way iOS 9 used to present its folders?

Well, you can get that folder style back with 9Folderz. This tweak simply tweaks the iOS 13 folders to look more like iOS 9 ones. The only difference between an iOS 13 folder style and iOS 9 folder style is that folders in iOS 9 had a more transparent background. If you want that, you can get this tweak, now that it’s compatible.

13. Alkaline

Credits: iOSHacker

Many who are acquainted with the jailbreak world know what Alkaline is. Do you?

Well, if you don’t, Alkaline is a simple tweak that lets you change the appearance of the battery indicator. You can choose from four styles, but it comes at a cost of inaccurate battery reading. What I mean to say is that you will be better off knowing your battery percentage using the standard battery indicator, instead of customized ones. However, you could get used to the customized ones if you keep them longer- which is a bit difficult.

14. ClassicFolders 2

Source: Cydia

Yet another tweak aimed at improving your interaction with folders on your device!

ClassicFolders 2, as the name suggests, breathes life into iOS 6 style folders by making it available to iOS 13 devices.

15. ColorBanners 2

Source: Cydia

You’ll love this! Everyone acknowledges the fact that iOS 13 notifications suck, but does anything suck when you have access to a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or an iPod?

What ColorBanners2 does is, it converts all the lifeless notification banners into colorful versions of them. And the best part is that the colors are assigned to notifications on the basis of the app’s icon color.

16. ColorMyCCModules

Source: Twitter

Well, the name is pretty obvious, and it clearly states the intent of the tweak. In case it doesn’t ring in your head, this tweak allows you to change the color of your control center tint, and trust me- it looks fabulous!

17. Filza File Manager

This is absolutely an app that deserves a place on your iDevice. With this tweak/app, you can do a lot of stuff, here are two:

When the Electra jailbreak didn’t support Cydia, this was the app that served as a medium to install tweaks. Several other tasks can be done with Filza. All you have to do is Google those to unlock its potential.

18. Flame

Flame is a must-have.

You can blatantly customize Cydia with this tweak. Customization options include changing colors of elements, adding pull to refresh and much more. This app can be called great just because of the fact that it not only enhances the design element of Cydia but also adds more usability scopes which ultimately makes it easier to use Cydia.

19. MapsOpener

Apple Maps hasn’t yet achieved a lot of positive response because of a lot of irregularities within its app. However, Apple’s improving it in iOS 12, adding detailed maps and more transit options including better navigation. But that’s all a gift for iOS 12.

But for those who are on iOS 13, the ‘go-to’ app is Google Maps, and will always be unless you decide to update to iOS 12. MapsOpener does justice to Apple’s quality by allowing users to set Google Maps as the default option.

20. NoTrending

This is a tweak made for users who outright hate the trending tab in the App Store.

The trending tab is good, but at most times, it is not. And accidental clicks on the little text in the trending area results in a furious and annoyed user. Well, NoTrending changes that by removing the trending listing from the App Store.

21. SoundTasker

This tweak is the definition of uselessness. All it does is play a sound whenever you open the app switcher.

22. StatusFolder

Source- iDownloadBlog

For some reason, Apple decides to hide the status bar when you open a folder. It’s annoying to an extent.

But, this tweak changes that annoyance into casualness by enabling the status bar while a folder is open.

23. StatusSwitcher

Similar to StatusFolder, this tweak enables the normally suppressed status bar in the app switcher.

24. YouTube Tools

This is also a must-have tweak supporting YouTube. This tweak disables ads from the YouTube app. It also allows you to play a video in the background. You can listen to a music video and text your friends at the same time, for instance.

This app also allows you to watch age-restricted content and give you access to private videos. However, the last two options are against the law, so better do not use the app for invading someone’s privacy or watch content inappropriate for your age.

25. iCleaner Pro

This is a Godly tweak that helps you save storage on your iPhone, iPad or iPhone by clearing the cache and removing unwanted files from the system.

Unlike other apps that claim to do so, iCleaner is a legit source and has been downloaded by almost all the jailbreakers once.

26. NudeKeys

Source: Cydia

Are you tired of the usual look of your keyboard? Well, third-party options are prominent out there, but due to Apple’s stringent restrictions, those keyboards can’t utilize an iDevice’s full potential.

NudeKeys, however, adds a minimalistic layer over the original keyboard designed by options.  With this tweak, the keys on the keyboard have no borders. It also adds a tint to the keyboard’s background.

27. SmoothCursor

Another keyboard tweak, SmoothCursor smoothens up the harsh movements of the text cursor. And believe it or not, it looks quite calming.

28. NoMoreSmallApps

It wasn’t until recently that Google updated its app- Inbox- to fit the bezel-less screen of the iPhone X.

For iPhone X, this tweak forces apps to expand their interface to take advantage of the notch-ridden display. But, by stretching the apps, you could face some issues accessing certain app functions that hide behind the notch.

29. SugarCane

Source: Reddit

This tweak adds percentage labels to ControlCenter sliders on iOS 13. Usually, the control center has sliders which, unfortunately, do not indicate a percentage. SugarCane changes that.

30. IGDarkMode

As the name suggests, you get a dark mode for Instagram as well.

All you have to do is install the tweak.

31. CCWallCustomizer 2

Source: Twitter

A control center tweak- CCWallCustomizer 2 allows you to replace the background tint from the control center with a wallpaper. You can upload your own wallpaper as well as set a default one.

Since this tweak depends on a wallpaper, choosing the correct one with the best contrast will be golden.

32. RealCC

We’ve come so far down in this list of the best iOS 13 jailbreak tweaks, that such an important tweak, especially for iOS 13 users, deserves applause.

This tweak does something significant with the control center toggles. In iOS 13, Apple enabled a feature where even though you switch off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles from the control center, they’ll switch off temporarily instead of completely as in iOS 10. Apple did this to utilize Wi-Fi for AirDrop and other services.

But, with RealCC, you can turn off that feature, and you’ll be able to switch off Wi-Fi completely instead of just switching it off for the day.

33. SpotCC

This tweak is intended for iPhone X users who find it difficult to swipe down on the fairly large screen of the iPhone X. On iPhone X, in order to access the control center, you need to swipe down from the top instead of swiping up from the bottom. This is because of non-availability of gestures at the bottom as the home button is replaced by the “swipe-up” gesture.

However, for those with small hands, you can install this tweak which helps you to access the control center by swiping down from the middle of the home screen instead of the top. This replaces the gesture to access spotlight. However, you’ll be able to change the position of the spotlight gesture to either the right or left sections of the screen. This is a must-have for users having an iPhone X. It’s the best tweak from the list of the best iOS 13 jailbreak tweaks.

34. Silo

Silo is another gem in the list of the best iOS 13 jailbreak tweaks. Aimed at the control center, once again, this tweak lets you rearrange the control center toggles according to your accessibility.

35. DateUnderTime X

Having a date pinned at the status bar makes it easier to realize what day of the month you’re on. However, due to the presence of the iPhone X notch, barely any space is available for jailbreak developers to enable the date on the status bar.

However, DateUnderTime X solves this problem with a unique perspective. With this tweak, you can enable the date to appear below the time- which is what the tweak’s name suggests.

36. DoubleTapLock

iPhone X was launched with a lot of great features- some which were entirely new for the long-time iPhone user.

One such feature is tap to wake. By just tapping on the dead, lock screen, you can wake the screen up, and then unlock it. However, DoubleTapLock allows you to do the opposite by locking the screen when you double-tap on the home screen.

37. VideoHUD

When the term “HUD” comes in a word, you betcha it means omitting the standard, obtrusive volume HUD and replacing it with a better option.

Well, VideoHUD brings iOS 13’s video volume slider to other parts of the system.

38. TweakCompatible

Judging from its name, TweakCompatible checks whether the tweak you intend to install is compatible for your version of the jailbreak. It’s a pretty simple tweak, yet highly useful.

39. Rocket for Instagram

Instagram is the leading social media platform. Among other services, it’s the best and the most versatile platform of self-expression so far.

And Rocket for Instagram is one such tweak that boosts (awkward pun intended) the app’s capability on the iPhone. What it does is, it unlocks features like the ability to download images straight from the app, etc. In fact, this should be the top of this best iOS 13 tweaks list. But because it’s a usual tweak, I’ll let it pass.

40. MusicDockX

Source: iCrackUriDevice on YouTube.

This tweak reimagines the music widget. By just a swipe up from the bottom, you can now summon a slick music widget along with controls. This enhances the capability of service, and such types of tweaks are the best iOS 13.5 tweaks.

Things you’ll need:


  1. According to iTweakz on YouTube, in order to ensure a smooth jailbreak process, grab your iPhone/iPad/iPod and turn off Siri altogether.
  2. Turn off Find My iPhone
  3. Then turn on Airplane mode and reboot your iDevice.
  4. Further, turn on your iDevice (this will disable flight mode, so turn it on once again).
  5. Hop on to your PC/Mac. Provided you have downloaded all the pre-requisites, open Cydia Impactor. Tip: Place all the downloaded files on the desktop for easy access.
  6. Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod to the PC/Mac, then, if prompted, tap on “Trust.”
  7. Now, the steps involving Cydia Impactor are quite complex, and won’t work if not done right. So, here’s a video from iTweakz describing the Cydia Impactor Part:
  8. Once you manage to get the Electra jailbreak tool on your iPhone, go to Settings- General- Profile, and tap on the new profile. Once in, tap Trust.
  9. Now, open the Electra jailbreak app placed on the app drawer and then tap on Jailbreak.

Since this jailbreak is brand-new, the process could fail a couple of times. You’ll have to repeatedly try tapping the jailbreak button until you finally see the Cydia app in the app drawer. However, even after Cydia gets installed on your iDevice, you’ll have to enable the jailbreak by going into the Electra tool and tapping the Jailbreak button once again.

Update: Coolstar and his team have updated the Electra Jailbreak tool to fix problems experienced by users earlier. The success rate for the jailbreak has increased.

These are the best jailbreak tweaks compatible with the version right now. However, this, by no means, constitutes the entire list of compatible tweaks for iOS 13. So, stay tuned on this post as it gets regularly updated with new tweaks-

Also, don’t forget to share!