25 Amazing iOS 14.3 Jailbreak Themes that you can install right now!

With instructions on how to install your theme using SnowBoard!

Looking for some of the best iOS themes to install on your iPhone? These iOS themes that are also compatible with iOS 14 may help! Interestingly, that makes them the best iOS themes you can install on your iPhone right now.

None of us truly love our iPhones as they are. We always need to tweak something here and there to truly make it a personal device. To accomplish that, you need to jailbreak your iPhone- a process of unlocking the device’s internal abilities by breaking out of the whimsical chains bound by Apple.

But, what could you anyways do to make your iPhone look exceptional?

Theming seems to be an exquisite option.


iOS themes are always in demand proving the unrelenting fact that people are, in fact, bored of the usual app grid on iOS’ homepage and are looking for spaces to breathe.

Thanks to the ability to jailbreak, you can easily swap looks by using a tool called SnowBoard. SnowBoard themes these days pose as an epitome of customizability on iPhones.

More on how to use SnowBoard and install and apply iOS themes using it below.

Here are the best jailbreak themes for iOS 14.

Let’s Begin!

What is SnowBoard and what does it mean for the best iOS themes?

Unlike Android, the process of applying themes on iPhones is a bit complicated.

You cannot simply find an iOS 14 theme, download, and install it.

SnowBoard tweak icon: A Tweak used for installing iPhone themes on iOS 13 Jailbreak
SnowBoard’s Tweak icon.

The first thing you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone. Second, you need to install a theming engine like SnowBoard from Cydia.

SnowBoard is simply a tool that provides the framework upon which different iOS themes can be installed.

Think of it as a wallpaper-setting interface. Once you get the theme from Cydia, all you need to do is apply it from within SnowBoard.

Moreover, currently, it is difficult to install a theme on iOS 14 without using SnowBoard.

SnowBoard a successor to older theming engines that supported older versions of iOS. WinterBoard was originally the theming engine used for implementing the best jailbreak themes on initial versions of iOS and jailbreaks, back when the concept of Jailbreaking itself was new.

Later, starting from iOS 7 and up until iOS 11, the jailbreak community had Anemone. But it was discontinued in iOS 12 since it didn’t support the version’s codebase.

How to install iOS themes using SnowBoard

Get SnowBoard from the Packix repo

Add the Packix repo first if you haven’t yet. Here’s the link to the repo:


Once added, search for SnowBoard in Cydia through the search tab and install it just like you would any other tweak. You will find the SnowBoard settings in the Settings app on your iPhone and iPad.

Installing an iOS 14 theme

Installing a theme using Cydia is genuinely a child’s play. And enabling it via SnowBoard is even easier.

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Search for a theme and install it.
  3. Head over to SnowBoard in Settings.
  4. Tap on Select Theme.
  5. Tap Enable on a theme you would like to enable.
  6. Tap on Apply when prompted.
  7. Your theme will be installed.

Best iOS themes for iOS 14!

From snowy white icons to minimalistic home screens, these iOS themes offer everything you need to renovate your iPhone.

More or less, the best iOS 14 themes mentioned below hold the potential to change your perception towards the lack of customizability in iOS.

If not, they’ll at least refresh your mind from the boring decade-old iOS home screen grid layout.


Source: Reddit

Desa is a theme inspired by the iMac G4. Icons in the pack have a translucent background just like the G4 and are also shaped similarly. On the home screen grid, the icons collectively won’t remind you of the old iMac. Individually, though, the resemblance is similar.

Overall, it’s a great theme with distinct colors so you won’t get too confused before you get accustomed to the theme.


Peek is a different theme in the sense that it visually (not actually) gives a peek into the most prominent aspect of the app’s interface. For instance, Reddit’s icon displays a post with upvotes and downvotes. Likewise, the Maps icon shows the location blip as the app icon.

Even if it isn’t functionally true, it’s technically correct that the app icons let you peek into the most prominent interface elements of different apps.

You can get it from the Packix Repo.


To achieve the complete Mac-like setup on an iPad as shown in this image, you’ll need a bunch of additional tweaks alongside the Mojave icon pack. Source: Reddit.

There has been much debate on whether the iPad is a computer. Well, let me tell you that it’s not. But you can still make it feel like a computer. Mohave is an icon pack that makes your iPad icons look like those on macOS Mojave.

You can get Mohave from Emil Avara’s repo here: https://emilavara.yourepo.com/


Viola is like just other best iOS themes. Yet, it’s hard to stay away. It’s gradient-laden icons add a lot of importance to its allure. Not only that, but the glyphs inside the icons are also edited a bit to match the theme’s overall essence.

You can get Viola from the Packix Repo.

Big Sur

Big Sur icon pack
Big Sur icon Theme

If you are caught up with the not-so-recent happenings in the realm of Apple, you might understand why you should definitely install this theme. With macOS 11 (Big Sur), Apple redesigned the Mac operating system’s UI, including its icons.

The icons on macOS Big Sur now look more like the icons on iOS 14 hinting that there is little demarcation left between the two operating systems. But they aren’t entirely alike. Apple has made the icons on Big Sur look more poppy and skeuomorphic.

Particularly, there is a shade beneath the glyph of almost every app icon setting it apart from the background and giving the icon more or less a 3-dimensional look.

Now, you can get those icons on your iPhone too. You just need to get your hands on the Big Sur theme. You can get it from this repo: https://alt03b1.github.io/


Source: Reddit

“Darker” fulfils exactly what the native iOS Dark Mode lacks — dark icons. It keeps the glyphs within the icons intact and simply applies a dark background to them. This dark mode implementation may help save some battery on your iPhone.

The only thing that lacks in this theme, however, is the functionality to automatically turn the icons dark when native Dark Mode is turned on.

You can get it from the Packix repo: repo.packix.com


NookPhone is a three-in-one package. It’s soft, cute, and minimalistic. By soft, I mean that the icons won’t try to go smack dab on your retinas every time you look at your home screen. By cute, I mean there are tiny bugs and animals within some icons. By minimalistic, I mean that the icons don’t appear much visually obtrusive if at all you know what I mean.

All-in-all, this theme makes your phone look exactly like the one in Animal Crossing.

Nevertheless, I also feel the icons should have been a little less bland and a splash more colorful. But that’s fine. I can work with these. However, ensure that you have other tweaks to support this theme. Don’t worry, it’ll work just fine without them, but you won’t be able to achieve a cleaner look without app labels.

You can get this theme at the Twickd repo: repo.twickd.com


Echo jailbreak iPhone theme!

Echo has icons with slight gradients. It doesn’t do much in terms of customizing the icons; but few, in this case, seems perfect.

The icons seem a little bit like a mix of Google’s Play icons and Apple’s gradient icons. Overall, it’s a really good theme. The only problem with Echo is that notification badges look dislocated. It could be because of incorrect resizing of icons by the author.

You can get this theme from the Macciti Repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/


OffWhite Jailbreak iPhone theme

OffWhite’s icons are a bit… well, offwhite!

It only completely re-imagines a few icons but adds a faded shade to the rest. If you were to create a theme and get this look in the process; you’d just have to add a linear white gradient at the top of the icons. Even though a faded look is not what you might want to go for theoretically; this theme nails it. You will want it.

And you can get it. On the Packix repo: repo.packix.com


If I were you, I wouldn’t name this theme Insight. It’s not insightful. But it sure is the cutest theme you could slap on your iPhone. And it’s one of the best things that has happened to jailbreaking.

Pretty much every icon is redesigned. The elements in the icons are accurately placed in the middle to leave some white space all around. It is a rule of thumb in design that you should leave more white space and not fill up everything with content. This theme, thankfully, elevates the effect of that rule.

You can get this theme from the ModMyi repo: apt.modmyi.com

Lotus Theme iOS

Lotus cydia theme, lotus jailbreak theme

In this list of the best jailbreak themes, Lotus is one of the most culminating. It’s being applied to iOS devices for a long time now and has assuredly gained a spot on people’s minds. It’s by far the best Cydia theme.

It’s like, “you wanna install the best iOS theme? Lotus it is!”

Well, why not? It has a mesmerizing set of gradient-filled icons. An added layer of depth makes things more intriguing. Not to mention the uniqueness of the way its icons are designed. Having this theme active on your iPhone frames an extra level of charisma that truly is eye-catching.

It’s certainly one of the oldest and the best iOS 14 themes available out there.

You can get this theme from the ZodTTD repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/


Oyster jailbreak theme for iOS 11 Cydia Electra jailbreak

I hate to say this but Oyster has some of the cutest looking icons of all the best iOS themes available. The colors on the icons are splendidly faded which accord an eye-soothing getup when looked upon the screen from a distance.

These icons are collectively designed by users as a substitute for the developer. This is because ArkLotif, the original developer was facing some difficulties working with the usual palette. So he open-sourced the theme and provided it to the community for free.

You can install Oyster from the Macciti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

Mint 2

Mint 2 cydia jailbreak theme for Electra jailbreak final version iOS 11

Mint 2 is the second monotony of the original Mint theme. The prime peculiarity of this theme lies in the retro architecture of its icons. The cherishable aspect of it is its ability to be inherently old-school as well as modern, both at the same moment.

This can be substantiated by contemplating the camera icon. Can you spot it though? Let me know its position in the comments down below.

Mint is one of my personal favorite iOS themes. And since it is an iteration of the most commonly used theme since the advent of iOS themes, it’s very well also the best snowboard theme for iOS 14.

Nevertheless, Mint 2 is available from the Macciti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

Muze 3

Muze 3 Cydia jailbreak theme for Electra Jailbreak for iOS 11

“See the rainbow. Taste the rainbow.” This is what the theme’s punch line is. Umm, not too great, unlike the theme itself.

The correct word to describe this theme would be “luxurious.” And that is because Muse 3 has its eccentricity that evokes a sense of mitigation in one’s pupils. It feels like a theme for riches.

The developer of this theme has used gradients extensively for scheming icons. And the best part is that icons are not fiddled with immensely, rather just tweaked a little bit so that you can remember which icon is which.

You can get Muze 3 from the MacCiti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

Minimal iOS 14

Minimal iOS 11 cydia jailbreak theme for iOS 11 electra jailbreak

In this list of some of the best jailbreak themes, Minimal iOS theme is the simplest.

Looking at the theme, a ‘just acquainted’ iOS user would not know if it’s a theme or stock iOS itself. That being said, the Minimal iOS 14 theme just masks the icons to make them a tad bit rounder than usual. And only a spattering amount of icons are tweaked as the theme struggles to live up to its name.

This is why it gains the title of the simplest theme in this list. And even with all of its simplistic downsides, it’s a theme worth giving a shot.

You can check out this theme here.


amury cydia jailbreak theme for iOS 11 electra jailbreak

Amury is the theme that goes shoulder-to-shoulder with Lotus- the first theme in this list. And the thing that makes them common is the fact that they’ve been in the scene for a while now.

If you are a fervent themer, you might have come across this theme once in your lifetime. With vibrantly colored icons, slightly tweaked to prove their singularity, this theme is an all-time favorite for a lot of users.

I have a special place for the phone app icon in my heart.

Anyways, get Amury from the ZodTTD and the MacCiti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/


Onix cydia jailbreak theme for iOS 11 electra jailbreak

A simple theme with slightly tweaked icons, Onix is another one giving a shot at simplicity. Though its icons are vaguely designed, they look reasonably familiar. And the exclusive facet of this theme is the extra amount of depth supplemented to the icons.

Apart from the chronic paraphernalia, Onix packs in more than 600 icons, not to mention the standalone control center and the theme of the setting. UI elements are also extra godsend.

You can get Onix from the MacCiti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

Classic iOS

Classic iOS cydia jailbreak theme for iOS 11 electra jailbreak iOS 11.1.2

Don’t get too excited as this is not an iOS device running iOS 6 or something. It’s an iPhone on iOS 14 compassing the Classic iOS theme. Well, it seems palpable.

That’s the beauty of the Classic iOS theme. It supports more than a hundred icons so that it does not feel as if you are dangling between modern iOS and the older nostalgic one.

Although, the best part about this theme is that it also offers to modify the status bar, the respring logo, the classic UI sounds, the classic labels, and the classic icons for the settings app to match the iOS 6 habiliment.

The Classic iOS theme is, well, an all-time classic for iPhone users. And that earns it a spot among the best iOS 14 themes.

You can get this theme from the MacCiti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/

Ace El Cap

Ace El Cap cydia jailbreak theme for iOS 11 electra jailbreak

Ever wanted that El Capitan look on your iPhone? You can get it by installing the Ace El Capitan theme for iOS 14. This is by far the best Electra jailbreak theme that I’ve come through.

Why? Because it’s ambidextrous and relatively impeccable. It has circular masking on all of its icons, which is the signature design of icons on Macs. The white border makes the icons appear in an apple-pie order. Although, the theme emerges best on the springboard if you use a tweak to clean up your status bar. Additionally, setting an official El Capitan wallpaper will only augment the attire.

You can get Ace El Cap from Xarold’s repository: https://repo.xarold.com/


Stencil iOS 11 Cydia jailbreak theme for Electra jailbreak anemone

Stencil lives up to its name by literally forming stencils of app icons on the home screen. It has iridescent icons that look good on any iPhone, preferably the black variants.

I’m not a fan of these kinds of iOS themes but it’s worth giving a shot if you are. Although, there are two renditions of this theme- the regular one pictured above and the other ‘outline-less’ version. Depending on which version you choose, you get a different set of app badges, page dots, status bars and even activity spinners. Judging from this, you can say that this theme is ‘jam-packed’ with surprises.

You can get it from the ZodTTD and MacCiti repo: http://www.zodttd.com/repo/cydia/


Mojito jailbreak theme

Mojito is just as impressive and fluid as the real beverage. Its icons have been given an EMUI look, but fare much better and are less shiny.

Well, the less shiny aspect makes it a good theme after all. On the other hand, if you take a closer look; observe it closely, you’ll notice that it still has a regular iOS 14 aurae in its icons. But, little tweaks here and there make it different.

You can get it from the Packix repo: https://repo.packix.com/


Best jailbreak themes

“AyeCandy is what the title suggests, it’s true eye candy-” says the Cydia description page for the theme.

Though, the theme is not catchy. The icons are a mashup of stock iOS, some other best iOS themes, and some are even original icons. Additionally, the icons don’t look unified, but a mix of all the best iOS themes above. But, at the end of the day, it’s upon your preference. If you like the theme:

You can get it from the MacCiti repo from Cydia.


Best jailbreak themes

If you’re a jailbreaker, there’s a unique way for you to attain salvation. And it is by installing Salvation itself.

I know that I didn’t make sense in the sentence above, but it’s kinda true. If you are a red-color freak, you’ll love this theme which doesn’t change much when it comes to customizing icons, but still does a hell of a job giving them a fresh personality. Simply put, Salvation is just a theme where the icons are dyed red. That’s it!

You can get Salvation from the ZodTTD and MacCiti repo.


Credits: Imangoss

CandyCane is a Christmas theme. Though, it’s kind of dark and pale for a theme.

But, if you are someone that often roots for dark iOS themes, and it’s Christmas- It’s your day.


Best jailbreak themes

Lastly, a theme for people who love black.

There is a lot of demand for a dark mode in almost every aspect of an OS these days. But, it is through jailbreak you can truly achieve a complete dark mode. But, even with every dark mode tweak applied, you won’t find a tweak to make your app icons dark. Well, with this theme, you can get that look.

That’s it. These were the best snowboard themes iOS 14.


Jailbreaking, as it seems, is never dying.

Thanks to able individuals who keep the community fresh and running. It’s due to them we’re able to tweak and theme our iPhones and iPads to our will. Let’s hope this continues and we enjoy jailbreaks in the future too as much as we do now.

There is a myriad of iOS themes available in Cydia. And a lot of them are compatible with SnowBoard as of now. This means you get to choose your favorite ones mentioned beyond this post.

If you do, we want to know your recommendations.

Fire up in the comments down below!

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4 years ago

which theme is the one pictured in the articles heading!?

Gabriela Alejandra
Gabriela Alejandra
3 years ago

I hahve problems everytime I install anemone, it crashes my jailbrake and i have to do it all over agian. This only happens if I install anemone. It pretty frustrating because I really want to change the theme on my phone.

Taha Broachwala
Taha Broachwala
3 years ago

Well, try to remove anemone and reinstall it using proper sources from Cydia. It is available on the official Electra repo. If it doesnt fix the problem, try to restart your phone and install anemone again.

3 years ago

All the themes are old dude, please consider adding some new 🙂

Stefan Vincec
1 year ago

I hate to say this, but iPads are computers. I mean, they can do calculations, essentially making them a computer.