Best iPhone XS cases that you can get your hands on right now!

The iPhone, the one that you’re holding in your hand right now is one of the most spectacularly designed pieces of technology today.

It features shiny edges, smooth glass backs, polished aluminum surfaces, chamfered edges and whatnot to make you drool. You buy it, spending a nasty $1000. Later, while joyfully sliding it out of your pocket, it… slips… slams… bashes… and, cracks.

$1000 down the drain! What precaution can you take, then, to avoid the consequences of unholy moments like these? While you can carefully handle your iPhone yourself, hire someone that could handle your phone for you, or wrap your phone in a bubble wrap all the time; you must consider the lesser insane option: using a case.

That said, here are the best cases for all the iPhones Apple currently sells.

Best iPhone XS cases

The iPhone XS is Apple’s latest installment in its iPhone lineup. It sports an improved processor from the iPhone X, a faster Face ID sensor, an industry-standard camera, long-awaited IP68 rating and storage options up to 512 GB. The iPhone XS also comes with a new gold variant that looks irrefutably premium.

1. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo claims that it was the one that first developed a leather wallet case for the iPhone. And it seems pretty much legitimate. The case is made up of genuine fine grain leather stuffed with appropriate padding inside so that your phone stays protected from drops as well as internal scuffs.

Over time, this case also acquires some patina which enhances the look and feel of the case, just like other leather products do.

The additional advantage here, however, is that you get to also keep your cards and money bills stuffed inside the case at all times. It’s like a semi-functional leather wallet; but also a case.

This case combines functionality with soothing design and the result is something really beautiful yet simple. If you are someone that likes leather items, this is the definitive choice for you.

2. Catalyst iPhone Xs Waterproof Case

Furthering the iPhone XS’ IP68 rating, this case from Catalyst is waterproof up to 33 feet (10 meters). Not only is it waterproof, but also life proof.

It protects your phone in almost all conditions. The case’s Amazon listing states that you can use it while hiking, swimming, diving, skiing, fishing, camping, etc. The possibilities are endless.

It is made up of impact resistant scratch proof polycarbonate which provides military grade protection from drops and unintended shocks.

Also, despite the amount of area the case covers on the phone, it doesn’t compromise on functionality. It allows all the buttons, sensors, cameras, flash, etc to work normally. Again, since it promises not to compromise any functionality, it offers special patented acoustic technology for speakers as the case covers them completely. The speakers wouldn’t sound at all if it weren’t for the tech present in this case.

This case, finally, is for people who like adventure and invest a lot of their time in sporty outdoor activities. However, for people who want utmost usability and clarity on their iPhone XS, you may not want to depend on this case and instead look for a slimmer alternative.

3. tech21 – Pure Soda Case

tech21’s Pure Soda case looks like, well, soda bubbling up within the case encapsulation. And it’s a really unique design for a smartphone case. However, please don’t carry this to corporate meetings.

tech21’s Pure Soda case also surprisingly allows wireless charging on your iPhone XS.

In addition to the funky design, the case is also a warehouse of interesting, albeit intangible features. It is, for instance, made up of what the company calls its BulletShield material which protects your phone “again and again” from 10 feet drops.

Ironically, even after being made up of a material this strong, the case is quite slim for the level of protection it offers. It is also lightweight. Simply put together, it had to be the best case you could get for your iPhone XS had the design been slightly more mature than bubbles.

4. Rokform Crystal

This case is a magnet behemoth. A lot of cases offer drop protection and unique designs. But not many offer additional functionality like Rockform’s Crystal case. It has magnets placed into the case that help it stick to metal surfaces.

Further, it also has a strangely placed hole in the middle that allows it to be easily attached to accessories on bikes, cars, motorcycles, and more.

Rockform Crystal’s design isn’t something to boast about, but I guess you can live with it, especially with the extra functionality it offers. Even then, the case feels unusually thin.

This case is specifically targeted for niche users. What I mean to say is that you won’t find its use in daily life unless you prefer to stick your phone to different surfaces and attach it to every vehicle you drive.

5. Moshi Capto Case

Moshi’s capto case is a simple slim case with a simply unique addition.

Its outlining feature is a fashionable strap that functions as a grip while taking selfies which also can be used as a stand to watch videos on your iPhone. Capto is also quite thin, furthering the Moshi legacy.

This case also allows your iPhone XS to wirelessly charge.

Moshi promises military grade drop protection for this case, along with raised bezels in the front that protect the screen from picking up nicks and scratches when it’s placed face-down.

Finally, this case is for people that want the best out of their case. Hands down.

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