HomeKit Wallpaper Pack for Home app

Best HomeKit Wallpaper Packs to spruce up the Home app on your iPhone!

Apple’s Home app for the iPhone is a wonderful place to control HomeKit-enabled devices at your home. It’s well-designed and comes with a default set of wallpapers. But the best part about the wallpaper system within the Home app is that you are not stuck with the default options.

You can set your own HomeKit wallpapers within the Home app. And if you want to be a little more creative, you can go one step further. What’s that, you ask?

Theme the rooms. As the Home app lets you set up multiple rooms, you can theme each room with a wallpaper specific to that room. For instance, if your home has a garage featuring HomeKit-enabled devices, you can set a garage-themed wallpaper for it in the Home app.

This not only looks good but also helps easily recognize which room you are interacting with, especially if multiple rooms are set up.

Thankfully, we’ve browsed the internet for you to find some amazing HomeKit wallpaper sets that we think you’d adore.

Before we begin, if you can’t figure out how to change Home app backgrounds, here are the steps:

  1. Head over to the Home app on your iPhone.
  2. Within the Home tab, tap the Home icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  1. Tap Home Settings.
  1. Under the Home Wallpaper tab, tap Choose from Existing.
  1. You can either select from the default wallpapers already included in the Home app or choose a wallpaper from your photo library.
  2. Once you’ve chosen the desired wallpaper, tap Set.

You can repeat the process for all the rooms you’ve created.

That said, here are the best HomeKit wallpapers for the Home app on your iPhone. These are available in packs, which look best, but you can still set them as separate backgrounds.

Note: We’ll be regularly updating this post with new wallpaper packs as and when we discover them.

Best custom HomeKit Wallpapers

1. Hues

Source: u/gaymer10101 on Reddit.

This HomeKit wallpaper pack is simple, yet appears futuristic. It thrives on the fact that it’s applicable to everyone. It’s a pack of 21 backgrounds that cover almost every room you can imagine including a playroom, laundry room, attic, bathroom, and more.

These wallpapers are unique in the sense that they subtly lend a different identity to each room registered in the Home app on your iPhone. Each wallpaper is made up of a set of distinct hues which smoothly blend into a sample image of the associated room on the top right corner.

Demo. Source: u/gaymer10101 on Reddit.

At the same time, their vibrancy makes you want to repeatedly visit the Home app, a treat to the eyes.

The wallpaper pack is created by Redditor u/gaymer10101, who has managed to earn overwhelming applause from the HomeKit community at Reddit for sharing it.

You can download this wallpaper set on your iPhone using this Google Drive link.

Alternately, the creator of the set has also made PSD files for these wallpapers available publicly, meaning you can tweak them to your liking and also add an image of a sample room not included in the pack.

Finally, these wallpapers are intended for the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, so you may need to resize them for your iPhone’s screen size.

2. Colorful illustrations

The second HomeKit wallpaper pack in this list is yet another mesmerizing way to tweak your Home app. Instead of using actual images and hues, this wallpaper set uses pastel-themed backgrounds with illustrations.

There are, in all, 16 wallpapers in this set and each represents a different room. The illustrations paint a clear picture of which room you’re interacting within the Home app.

Delving into the intricacies of this wallpaper set, you might notice that each wallpaper fits the background in such a way that it adequately accommodates buttons and text labels in the foreground. For instance, the title of the room sits perfectly above the line where the intensity of color changes.

At the same time, the darker background in the bottom half highlights the buttons so that it is easy to distinguish them from the background and easier to find in a moment of a hurry.

This HomeKit wallpaper set was originally created by Reddit user u/rzalexander but has been since tweaked and improved by u/justinm1992.

You can download this HomeKit wallpaper set from this link. You will need to enter a captcha and download a zip file which you can unzip in the Files app on your iPhone or on your Mac or Windows PC.

Here are more wallpapers of such sort.

If you want, you can also edit the wallpapers using the .pages file included within the zip file. To do that, you’ll need access to Apple’s Pages app which you can download on your iPhone and Mac. However, if you’re on Windows, you can use iCloud’s web version to edit the wallpapers.

Finally, if you need, you can add illustrations of your choice from Illlustrations.

3. Fading Gradients

This wallpaper pack is mesmerizing and you’d wish you had gotten it sooner. It features simple gradients as backgrounds. But what makes it mesmerizing is the fact that these wallpapers fade into each other.

The Home app is set up in a way that lets you swipe through rooms as you would swipe through the grid of apps on your iPhone’s home screen. Since each room has the ability to host a different background wallpaper, these gradient wallpapers take advantage of that.

However, while setting these wallpapers, you’ll need to make sure—by yourself—that they are assigned in the right order, or else the fading won’t work rendering the very purpose of this wallpaper set ineffective.

Since these are gradients that fade into each other, you can keep adding as many gradient wallpapers depending on how many rooms you have.

This HomeKit wallpaper set is created by Reddit user u/10377301 and its zip file can be downloaded from here.

There’s also a Sketch file inside that you can use to customize the wallpapers according to your needs.

Final Thoughts

Just as you’d decorate your home, decorating your Home app using HomeKit wallpapers is an exciting task.

While these are only a few wallpaper sets we could feature as of now (we’ll update this post with more), this isn’t the end. You can always create your own wallpapers. The possibilities are endless and creativity is your tool.

It’s also easy to create your own wallpapers. Similar to one of the examples in this post, you can use Apple’s Pages and the shapes within to concoct your own HomeKit backgrounds.

This is an idea just off the top of my head: you can snap pictures of the different rooms at your house and use a photo editor app to apply a blur mask on it. This would not only highlight the buttons and labels in the foreground but also give each room’s page a unique look.