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Around 100 people reported sick from a quarantined Emirates flight at JFK.



When Emirates flight EK203 landed at JFK, the authorities hadn’t expected what they were going to witness. In a plane carrying approximately 500 passengers, almost 100 were reported being sick, according to NBC NewYork.

Emirates flight 203 had landed in New York after a long flight from Dubai and was quarantined as soon as the authorities realized that almost the entire passenger count was sick, airport authorities say.

The flight touched down at 9:10 AM and was demanded to park at a terminal where Port Authorities and the Centers for Disease control and prevention were waiting to check passengers. What they found didn’t seem normal. According to the pilot of the flight EK203, passengers were intermittently coughing and had fevers over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 10 people were also rushed to the hospital immediately.

Emirates airlines tweeted that around 10 passengers fell ill. However, in its statement to The Verge, the CDC says that about 100 passengers have complained about illness showed by signs including coughing and fever. The authorities, though, are making arrangements to provide essential medical aid as of now. As soon as the passengers clear the medical tests, those who emerge negatively will be allowed to embark on their respective travel plans.

It’s not clear so as to where this problem’s roots are. The New York Mayor’s office tweeted that the cause might be due to the flight’s halt at Mecca, which is reportedly witnessing a flu outbreak.

This story will be updated with further developments…

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