Apple updates eight-year-old Apple TV Gen 3 to version 7.6.2

You’d think seven years is enough time to forget about something. Not for Apple. Apple yesterday updated its Apple TV 3rd Gen, which was launched back in 2012, to version 7.6.2.

According to Apple, the new update only brings about general performance and stability improvements. However, a contributor over at MacRumors’ forum said that his Apple TV no longer froze when pausing YouTube videos.

For some time, users having the 3rd Gen Apple TV box complained about an issue where the screen would freeze upon pausing a YouTube video. Later, Apple TV would restart on its own.

Even though the 3rd Gen Apple TV is quite an old device, it’s still capable to serve users with the latest content Apple has to offer. At most, it’s interesting to observe that Apple still cares about consumers using its older devices.

It’s unclear what else is new apart from the YouTube freezing bug fix. Let us know if you find out something new in the comments section below.