[U: New Photos] Apple to release five ‘Spring’ color options for iPhone 12 series MagSafe cases, according to new leak

Source: Weibo via DuanRui on Twitter

A new leak suggests Apple is working on bringing five protective case color options for the iPhone 12 series. It is reportedly a part of Apple’s spring lineup of accessories that it releases every year.

According to leaker Duan Rui, who emanates leaks posted on Weibo which are usually accurate, Apple will introduce five new colors—up from usually three—of cases this year; of which the leaker has only shared four images. The colors seemingly include last year’s Cactus (more like an Olive green color), Grapefruit (more like a faded orange), and Surf Blue with the addition of two new colors out of which one appears to be dark purple and the other is unknown as of yet.

DuanRui says that there are “5 new spring colors” in the works, which seems to be kind of a misleading statement as, out of the four images he posted, three are well-known Spring colors from Apple and only one seems to be a new color (another is missing!). Judging from the fact that he mentioned five new colors, this could mean that there are really only two new spring colors.

The leak showcases screenshots from an iPhone 12 unit displaying the colorful prompt that appears when a MagSafe case is attached to the iPhone. The prompt shows the exact color the case is made up of, therefore, giving out the colors of the upcoming Spring lineup of MagSafe-compatible cases.

Update: DuanRui has shared some more images, this time, of the cases themselves:

It’s unclear as of yet what Apple will name the additional two Spring colors this year. Nevertheless, it’ll leave customers with more choices and that’s always a good thing.

Considering past Spring case releases, the new cases are expected to be made up of Silicon. Also, Apple could reflect the same colors while introducing the Apple Watch Band Spring lineup, which is usually the case.

Considering the timing of the leak, it’s expected that Apple will release this year’s Spring lineup anytime soon.