Apple Store set to launch in India on September 23, here’s what changes for Indians

Apple announced that it’s launching its online Apple Store in India on September 23. The introduction of the online Apple Store will bring a host of benefits to Indian customers as opposed to the existing shopping experience.

Apple has put up a dedicated page announcing the launch on its Indian website. The page features intricate mandala designs that incorporate silhouettes of Apple products like the iPhone 11 Pro and the AirPods.

The online store will be accessible through Apple’s Indian website, allowing customers to directly shop from Apple.

What’s changing?

The page also goes on listing a bunch of advantages that Indian users will get when they shop using the Apple Store. First off, customers will get direct shopping assistance from Apple. So far, the shopping experience involving Apple products in India has always been misplaced. Since the country doesn’t have physical Apple Stores yet, the only official guidance customers can get is from the various Apple-authorized Resellers.

Apple also promises no-contact free shipping to customers. While other online stores like Amazon and Indian e-commerce site Flipkart did previously offer trade-in options, Apple’s trade-in support for its Apple Store within the country will likely provide better rates.

One of the most interesting opportunities that the introduction of an online Apple Store in India brings along is the fact that customers will be, for the first time, able to configure their MacBooks directly from Apple. Previously, Indian customers only had to choose among pre-defined configurations. However, in May, Apple Authorized Resellers began accepting orders for build-to-order Macs.

Other advantages include one-on-one personal sessions with an Apple Specialist to better help you understand and learn about your Apple product, Apple Care+ service with up to 2 years of technical support and accidental damage coverage, and online support.

Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail + People Dierdre O’Brien, while talking about what Apple is specifically doing for the Indian customer base by launching its online store in the country after so many years in an interview with The Indian Express said, “One of the most popular things that we offer is engraving on our AirPods with a special message, in seven local languages plus English, or an emoji.”

Apple’s stance in the country

This move is Apple’s plan to uphold its stance in the second-largest smartphone market in the world. Apple product manufacturers Foxconn and Wistron have been producing iPhones in the country for a while now as Apple plans to shift much of its production outside China. Apple is also planning to unveil its first physical retail store in India in 2021 at Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex.

When physical retail stores open, Apple plans to host Today At Apple sessions discussing various topics with customers including music and photography. Once physical Apple stores open, Indian users will also be able to bring in their Apple products for official repairs, instead of relying on third-party stores.