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Apple sends out invites for its 30 October event. Here’s what you can expect!



Apple Event invitation art 2

Just when you thought the new iPhones were the highlight of this year’s Apple products, Apple announces another event set for 30 October at Brooklyn, New York. 

That said, let’s take a look at what you can expect at this year’s October Apple event. There’s gonna be some new iPads, a new MacBook Air, “AirPower?”, and probably a Mac Mini, at the very least. 

Details for these products had already been leaked way ahead in 2018, it was, however, a confusion so as to when those products would be officially unveiled to the public. But now we know. And we’re excited!

New iPad Pro

There are a ton of rumors about the 2018 iPad Pros that give out considerable amounts of information. However, none of this information is claimed to be correct, unlike the Pixel 3 leaks

Like I said before, people have a general idea in terms of the device’s specs. They just didn’t know when they were going to meet the actual product. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to unveil two new iPad Pros with two different sizes. One is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro which we’re already familiar with and the other is an 11-inch version that is kind of an upgrade in size from last year’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro. 

UAG iPad Case Mockup 2018

A 2018 iPad Pro case mockup by UAG, reported by 9To5Mac.

It isn’t clear why Apple’s going for a ballpark upgrade in terms of size, but it could have to do something with iPhone X’s design

Speaking of which, MacOtakara and 9To5Mac collectively report that the new iPad Pros sport similar design elements from the widely celebrated iPhone X. Those design changes include rounded corners on the screen, lack of a home button, and slimmer bezels. 

It isn’t clear why Apple’s going for a ballpark upgrade in terms of size, but it could have to do something with iPhone X’s design.

This rumor is warranted by another discovery in iOS 12’s beta files as there was an iPad battery icon that displayed a similar outline. 

And since the new iPads are going to take so much from the iPhone X, there’s one more thing worthy of attention– FaceID. Yes, the new iPads apparently are supposed to sport the second generation of Face ID, which is Apple’s legendary face recognition system. However, there are no rumors of a notch. 

Also, the Face ID on the iPad, unlike iPhones will support landscape authentication. Even the 2018 iPhones don’t have this feature. 

According to 9T05Mac, Apple has designed a new pencil stylus for the new iPads. That, however, isn’t gonna boast exceptionally new changes. But it has been rumored that the new Apple pencil will be able to automatically connect with the iPad, just like the AirPods now do. There could be extra functions that we don’t know of yet. 

Ever since iPad has replaced the desktop for a number of people, they have demanded 4K support while connecting them to external displays. This wish, however, could be fulfilled this month’s end. It’s because the new iPads are rumored to replace the Lightning port with a USB-C one, which will facilitate for smooth external 4K transmission. 

And since the iPads are probably gonna house a USB-C port, there’s gonna be fast charging too. iPad users are in a desperate need for that, above all.

Lastly, but not the least. This year’s iPad Pros won’t have a headphone jack. Now, for those people who plan to think of their iPads as computers, you guys will have to buy extra dongles, for sure!

New MacBook Air

MacBook Air 2018

The MacBook Air has been an instrument for stagnancy for a long time now. Every year, people anticipate a new one but get nothing. However, this year there is a high chance we’ll be able to see a new MacBook Air. 

Even though the MacBook Air is getting an upgrade after a long while, there aren’t many new features to justify the wait. Above all, these changes are just predictions. So it’s best if you don’t get your hopes high so soon. 

Analyst Ming-Chi Quo gave out a slew of predictions for the new MacBook Air, as reported by MacRumors. According to him, the new device is gonna house TouchID. However, if you take a moment and think about it, a 2014 feature being introduced in a 2018 model doesn’t feel right. 

At the most, we could expect Apple to add FaceID as it’s doing for the new iPads. But that would increase the price for the MacBook Air, which contradicts its existence.

But TouchID? Seriously, Apple?

Bloomberg also reports that Apple plans to upgrade the MacBook Air with a high-res retina screen. Additionally, rumors suggest that it’s going to house a contemporary Intel CPU, and have slim bezels. 

As for the pricing, due to which the MacBook Air is known for, the 2018 models are rumored to be sold at around $1000. A reporting from DigiTimes also suggests that these numbers could also be around $1200. 

Current MacBook Airs with 256GB of SSD storage cost $1199. Although, retailers effectively lower the price by around $200, which maintains the device’s popularity.

Updated iMac and Mac Mini

Bloomberg, in retribution of the Mac Mini, reports that the new “Minis” are in development and that Apple is aiming at power users, app developers, and customers who’ve used the Mac Mini as a home theatre PC. 

Less has been leaked about the iMac, probably because it isn’t a matter of interest for people, especially since it got an upgrade just last year. However, if any, upgrades to the iMac could include some under-the-hood changes along with some improvements in the display. 

Agree or not, this event will be the peak of a MacBook user’s excitement, especially since people are gonna witness upgraded devices that were once deemed nostalgic. There’s candy for iPad users as well. But the real showrunners are gonna be the Macs, without a doubt. 


On the software side of things, we’ll probably see Apple officially releasing Group FaceTime and Dual-sim support for iOS 12 as promised by the company before.

Apple event art October 30

The invitations this time feature a series of artistic Apple logos that kind of give out something, in my opinion. Take the piece above, for example. You’ll notice that a lot of shapes are clubbed together in an unorderly fashion. Further, the artwork in those shapes probably shows a reference to the critically acclaimed indie game- Monument Valley

It has the stairs, the shadows, the shapes, and that distinctive eye. With this, there are two possibilities:

  1. The products that are going to be featured in the event will bear more processing power to play intensive games?
  2. A new version of Monument Valley could be announced at the event?

Although these are just guesses, I can’t say what the event’s gonna turn out to be.

Besides, this isn’t the only invitation logo Apple has made. Apparently, the company’s website displays a new logo every time you refresh the page. Here’s a look at another one:

Apple Event invitation art 2

This one, though, doesn’t give much out in terms of the outcomes of the event. All I can say here is that something artistic is coming our way.

As always, we are on toes to provide you with the best coverage. Tune in.