Apple will donate to charity for every old device you turn in to them


Apple will be donating proceeds from the smartphones that you turn in to them through its new Apple GiveBack program to environmental conservation. This will be as a result of the Earth day on 22nd of March.

The charity organization that Apple has cinched hands with is an environmental conservation organization named ‘Conservation Intl.’ Its headquarters are placed at Arlington VA and the organization is strongly riveted on ‘saving the environment’. Even though its Twitter biography is simple, it embraces a striking message-

“We’re Conservation International. We protect nature for the benefit of all 7 billion people on Earth—because people need nature to thrive.”

On the other hand, Apple’s GiveBack program is its new memoranda to effectively recycle smartphones and in turn, provide rewards to people giving in those devices. The reward, anyways, is an Apple Store gift card. Though, it’s more like a ‘trade-in’ than a reward. To gain the returns, you will have to answer some questions based on your device which demonstrates the condition of the device.

If your device meets certain conditions, according to Apple, you will be given the Apple Store credit or a gift card based on the device’s analyses. But, if it doesn’t, Apple will recycle it for free using its new robot which it has blissfully named ‘Daisy’. For those who don’t know, Daisy is the next generation of Apple’s recycling robot. It was previously named Liam, which surprisingly was a huge media attraction, unlike Daisy.

Additionally, you can get qualified assistance when it comes to handling your data. According to Apple, it will guide you to efficiently back up your data and other services before handing it over, no matter what device you use.

However, the prime payoff of this whole deal is Apple’s decision to donate the revenue generated to the organization mentioned above. Apple has always been very protective of the environment. Even at its launch events, no product is introduced without culminating the introduction with a report that mentions the environment-friendly components and aspects of the concerned product.

Clearly, it’s noteworthy for tech companies to care about nature after all. However, it somehow feels undifferentiated as if they do it for sheer publicity.