Apple promotes addition of 30 classic games to Apple Arcade using #AppleArcade Twitter Hashflag

Apple today expanded its roster of Apple Arcade games with the addition of 30 games spanning two new categories, namely Timeless Classics and App Store Greats. Now that Apple Arcade hosts more than 180 games that can be accessed with a single subscription, Apple is promoting that fact using a new Twitter Hashflag.

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According to Hashflag Browser, Apple has seemingly bought the Apple Arcade Hashflag for a period of almost three months starting today and ending on June 26. The artwork or as it’s popularly called—the Twitter Emoji—showcases Apple Arcade’s logo depicting a joystick.

A Twitter Hashflag is essentially a fancy hashtag that includes custom artwork and is ephemeral in nature. A Hashflag usually stays live only for a set duration which could be hours, days, weeks, or months depending on how much a company wants to pay to keep these live. Hashflags are also quite costly and companies have been reported to pay seven figures to Twitter to enable hashflags.

Hashflags are well-known for increasing engagement and it also helps improve a certain topic or event’s discoverability.

This isn’t the first time Apple is dipping its hands into Twitter’s Hashflags. The company employed them to promote its iPhone 12 Studio as well as its lineup of online Apple Events last year alongside fancy Twitter Like button animations.

This move comes along as Apple today announced that it started including classic as well as pre-existing games from the App Store as an offering within its Apple Arcade subscription, thereby effectively increasing its value in the eyes of gamers who had initially turned a blind eye towards the platform.

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