Amazon UK lists December 15 as launch date for MagSafe Leather Sleeve

MagSafe Leather Sleeve

Apple launched the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max just yesterday. Alongside the launch, Apple also enlisted two of the pending MagSafe accessories that it announced at the October 13 event—MagSafe Duo ($129) and the Leather Sleeve with MagSafe ($129)—as “coming soon.

However, Amazon UK has already listed December 15 as the date the Leather Sleeve, in particular, will be available. Surprisingly, the product listing only shows up on Amazon’s mobile app upon searching and not on the UK website. The listing also doesn’t seem to be a mistake and lets you pre-order the sleeve right away.

MagSafe Leather Sleeve Amazon Listing

Considering the Amazon listing, it’s likely that Apple will begin pre-orders soon as well. Currently, the delivery date for me on Amazon shows 16 December.

Furthermore, the MagSafe Duo charger isn’t listed yet and as a result, it’s unclear when Apple plans to launch that. But media websites have been presenting their hands-on reviews with the dual $129 wireless charging pad, suggesting that a launch is imminent.

Apple’s Leather Sleeve with MagSafe is not a regular sleeve. Instead, it syncs with the iPhone 12 to appropriately display time through the cutout. A tiny detail to consider is the color of the digital time indication playfully matches with the color of the leather sleeve.

The sleeve also comes with a strap that you can use to achieve a better grip on your iPhone 12. Inside, the sleeve features slits for accommodating your card or ID. Moreover, it’s available in four colors including Saddle Brown, Pink Citrus, Baltic Blue, and (PRODUCT)Red.

Apple also recently launched a mobile-only iPhone 12 Studio that allows you to mix and match the different MagSafe cases and wallets with your iPhone 12.

If you were looking forward to the Leather Sleeve with MagSafe, you now know when it’s launching. And if you’re living in the UK, you can pre-order it right now from here.

Correction: The date was incorrectly mentioned as November 15 instead of December 15 within the article.