AirTags won’t launch until next year, says leaker

A new leak suggests that Apple’s Tile-like trackers dubbed AirTags won’t be announced until next year.

Hit-and-miss leaker posted on Twitter saying that Apple won’t announce AirTags until March 2021.

This is certainly disappointing for people expecting the new location trackers from Apple.

Apple’s lineup of product releases seems to be pretty messy this year with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini now rumored to be available starting November.

It was also expected that Apple would announce its Apple-branded headphones, AirPods Studio alongside the iPhone 12 lineup. However, a new leak recently claimed that they would either be announced late October or early November.

AirTags are Apple’s tile-like location trackers that you’ll be able to club with items so that you don’t lose track of them. The AirTags are expected to sport Apple’s proprietary U1 chip, use coin batteries, and have a circular shape with an Apple logo at the back.