AirPods Studio headphones may not arrive until December, “few key features have been cut,” according to leaker

Mock AirPods Studio Headphones

A new leak suggests Apple’s AirPods Studio headphones won’t launch until December. Worst case scenario: they could launch next year.

Leaker Jon Prosser, who has a reliability score of 84.7% according to AppleTrack—a website that tracks the reliability of leakers, the long-expected Apple-branded headphones supposedly won’t arrive until December.

This delay is due to “hiccups in AirPods Studio production. Prosser does not reveal the reason for the delay but presses that a few key features have been removed from the headphones. He says that it seems ” still to work some things out before we have final units.” He also says that if everything goes smoothly, Apple could still announce these headphones in November alongside new ARM Macs and ship them in December.

There’s also a possibility that the Apple-branded headphones, which are known as B515 internally, get pushed back as far up to March 2021.

AirPods Studio headphones were rumored to come in two versions, one being a luxury model while the other being a sports model with toned down materials. It’s expected that the Apple-branded headphones will be modular with interchangeable headbands and ear pads. Moreover, it’s also expected that the headphones will feature Apple’s proprietary U1 chip, bringing Ultra Wide Band capabilities. UWB in the chip will reportedly be used for determining the positioning of the left and right ear.

Today’s leak, however, suggests that Apple may completely drop some features. But it’s unclear which ones.