Got a new Apple Watch? Set it up with these 9 amazing accessories first!

It's better than sex!

I had been wanting an Apple watch for a very long time. When Apple initially introduced the Apple Watch Series 1—the company’s first wearable device—almost everyone around me and, I think—on the planet— was talking about it. Sensationalism, as such, got the best of me.

Today, I have a 42-mm Series 3 wrapped on my wrist. The flush design; the smooth edges; the pebble-like curves; and a dapper wristband, all rocks me to the core. But what intrigues me most is its ability to deliver. It seems as if the watch reads your mind. All in all, it’s the best way to distance yourself from your phone.

But, ever since I got one, I’ve been thinking of ways with which I could’ve started off my journey with the Apple Watch in a much less painful way. I devised a splendid starter pack, as a result; replete with necessary accessories. Take a look at the best accessories for your new Apple Watch that you should wrap it around with when you get one.

Best Accessories to start off with:

Gathering all the accessories before unboxing the watch has its own charm. I suggest you put on those accessories before booting up the watch.


Even though Apple Watches are highly preferred for sports, they aren’t as tough. A fall may break its screen or damage its internals. To prevent damage from events as such, you might need something to hold the damage other than just your Apple Watch. Cases, anyway, are the best, and possibly, the only form of protection you can get.

Here are some great ones:

KARABEE Case for 42mm Apple Watch

Do not go on its appearance. This case may look like a solid metal piece, but it isn’t.

It is, although, an ideal example of a watch case. Metal does not provide shock protection, but TPU does. Which is why the KARABEE case is fabricated from TPU, a material that is capable of absorbing physical shocks to a substantial extent.

Apple Watch strapped to a hand

The design is formulated in such a way that everything; every corner, every button, fits precisely on the watch. Moreover, if you have a Nike version of the Apple watch; the one with the aluminum body, you will be amused considering how the case makes it look like a 24-karats gold Apple Watch.

Concluding, even though this case might not give you 360-degree protection, it does cover the basics. Not to mention the stunning visual appearance after you slide the case over your Apple Watch. It is available in six different colors. The gold one, though, looks the best.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro

“Unicorn Beetle Pro”. Sounds like a product from the chic world of the Barbie Franchise.

It is, by contrast, a super-rugged,  case for the Apple Watch. Before I inform you about the case’s features, learn who this case is for. It is, by any means, not for the daily commuter, the cyclist, the guitarist, or the daily programmer.

You could, although, step out of the line and try it out. But, the UB Pro rugged case, mainly, is made for people who constantly drop their Apple Watch or somehow manage to scratch it to an extent that a single contact further could shatter the screen potentially till it crumbles. I’m looking at you, hikers!

Rugged Apple Watch Case

No matter how much I negatively exaggerate about the Apple Watch screen’s durability, it’s obvious that having a case as such could save you from a lot of trouble in the future. UB Pro is made up of Polycarbonate and thermoplastic polyurethane. This material provides military-grade shock-resistance from drops, which is the prime intent of this case.

This ruggedness, however, doesn’t affect the usability of the watch. It is delineated in cohesion with the watch’s design so that every button fits the molds perfectly. And as always, the digital crown stays aloof; without contact, so you can easily access it.

The overall look and feel, I’ve got to say, is not a deal-breaker. It feels like a black slab on your wrist attempting to plagiarize a G-Shock. There are four colors available. But they don’t break the ice a bit since the colors are only applied to the accents that are situated on at the top. The wrist-band stays black and lifeless.

The verdict here is; you won’t get any form of protection that would protect your watch as well as make it look good. The SUPCASE UB Pro is one of a kind.


Catalyst straight away looks like a case made for astronauts on a Mars mission. It’s the certain nuances that give it that visual advantage.

This case, however, was designed keeping the Series 2 in mind. Thus, it comes with IP68 waterproofing out of the box. Which makes the watch waterproof up to 330 ft (100 meters). In addition to that, the case holds the ability to resist shocks from falls, all thanks to its impact resistant, scratch proof, rugged polycarbonate chassis. In simple terms, silicon is what it’s made up of!

Protection, no doubt, is the first priority. But, since a watch is a device that stays wrapped to your wrist all the time, good looks are important too. Catalyst, thankfully, provides both.

Like I mentioned above, it looks no less than the type of watch you would expect to see on an astronaut’s wrist, in space. The black accent that’s slapped on the buttons and the buckle along with the very extension of controls all contribute to fabricate this look.

Woman swimming wearing an Apple Watch covered in a Catalyst case.

If it helps, Catalyst’s Apple Watch accessories have been awarded with CES’ Innovation Award 2016.

Speaking of the extended controls, even though actual buttons on the Apple Watch are not directly controllable due to the case, Catalyst’s extensions do the job. It ships in two colors—black and white. Although, if I were you, I would definitely prefer white over the black. Black kills the fun. You can, however, choose from a variety of colorful bands by Catalyst itself to make the design look less monotonous over time.

But the pebble stays black or white.


If you’re not a fan of bulky protective cases, the only option for customization you have left is clipping bands to your Apple Watch. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are even suited for predefined conditions. All-in-all, bands are the real accessories that induce element into your Apple Watch, and probably, help you distinguish yours from others.

iGK Sport Band

Engaging in sports is probably one of the main things you will use the Apple Watch for. Why not start off with a sports band then?

If you’ve invested in a Nike version of the Apple Watch, then you have already got a sports loop. But having varieties never hurts. Especially, if varieties are available at a dead cheap price. The iGK Sports Band, for instance, is available just for $7. But this isn’t the best part.

Apple Watch iGK Sports Band

$7 is just for some colors. There are other colors available for the iGK Sports Band that are cheaper. Let me say, to put things in perspective, you could buy all the 10 colors of this band, but it still won’t make up for a Nike edition sports loop.

Cheap, although, usually comes at a cost. The cost of quality. The cost of durability.

But, cheap has no caveats with this band. It is made up of high-quality silicon which is water and sweat resistant, yet it also prevents skin irritation. Clip the signature Apple Watch lugs onto your watch and you’re good to go.

Marge Plus Leather Band

You wouldn’t prefer to wear a sports band to a meeting, would you?

What you’d prefer is a leather band that emanates a rustic, nostalgic aura. And the Marge Plus is the best alternative for Apple’s own leather band. Probably even better, considering its vast color options.

It’s made up of genuine leather, a detail you wouldn’t find on many third party watch bands. There are also little details like the stainless steel buckle. It makes you visualize the watch in an entirely different way, motivating a royal appeal.

Marge Leather Apple Watch Band- Cheap Replacement for Hermes band for Apple Watch

Being a pure leather band, however, means you’ll have to have it polished often to prevent patina. Although, in some cases, patina may look good. So, check out this post by Deiter Bohn at The Verge on how you could deliberately patina your leather band.

All this, and I’ve not touched on the best aspect of the Marge Plus leather band.

It’s way, way cheaper than the $500 official Hermes band for the Apple Watch.

OROBAY Stainless Steel Milanese Loop

Apple has done a very good job creating accessories for the Apple Watch, I must say. The most appreciable part, however, is how it has influenced third-party companies to create even better products for the same.

OROBAY Stainless steel Milanese loop

The OROBAY Stainless Steel Milanese Loop is a perfect example of Apple’s influencing capability. The Milanese loop from the former looks just like the latter, yet, it also feels the same. There’s a major difference, however. OROBAY offers more colors than Apple, to begin with.

It has the same design, the same lugs, the same magnetic clutch, and the same material. But, it costs $140 less than the $149 Apple Milanese loop. This price gap means you may notice slight nuances of irregularities that aren’t persistent on the original Milanese loop. But, overall, everything with the loop is going to feel pretty similar.

The OROBAY Stainless Steel Milanese Loop is available in seven colors out of which the Champagne Gold and the Bronze Gold are my personal favorites. The Champagne Gold color on the Milanese Loop is identical to the Gold on the Series 1,2 and 3. Series 4, however, has an altogether different shade. The loop looks cool, anyway.

Charging Stands

When on your wrist, the Apple Watch must look cool. When it’s not on your wrist, in contrast, it must look cool. These stands fill the design void when you’re not wearing your Apple Watch. But rather than just holding the watch, they charge it as well. An added benefit is that most stands allow parking your iPhone as well.

Twelve South Forté

Not many stands look as dapper as this one.

The Forté’s design highlights the aesthetics of the Apple Watch itself in magnification. With a chrome lower base and the upper base crafted from leather, the stand redefines luxury. One of the most interesting aspects of this stand is that it mixes well with any background.

So, even if you have a mickey mouse vinyl on your wall, this stand will add its own essence to it.

Twelve South Forte

Forté does not compromise on functionality either. For instance, it has a 40-degree angle which helps you to easily use your Apple watch as an alarm clock at night. But not everything’s candy here.

The leather at the base may attract dust and scratches. And, the black background could highlight those scratches. It could, at the very least, need minimal attention. But, it gets difficult to confine your attention over time, especially when you start caring less. And trust me, you will.

It’s not as cheap as the trend in the cost of products featured in this post. But, it’s $60 tag does not hold back on quality and design too; which must at all times be the main prospect while buying any product.

Twelve South HiRise Stand

HiRise is a cheaper, more versatile version of Forté.

It, however, may not look as appealing as the former, but the HiRise stand brings along with it its own essence. Silicon and leather are the major elements of its design, but the overall look gets monotonous too quickly.

Twelve South HiRise Stand

What I mean is, you’ll lose the excitement of the stand sitting on your desk too soon after you first place it there. Nevertheless, HiRise has some personalized features for the Apple Watch. It has a weighted stand, for instance, that helps prevent the stand from toppling over.

Besides, the leather pad at the back acts as a support for the buckles on your Apple Watch’s bands so that nothing gets scuffed. On top of everything, you can fold, pack, and move the stand anywhere.

Elago W3

Apple’s Macs shaped the future of computing by redirecting possibilities as to what you can do with a computer. After around two decades, never did we know there would be an Apple device that you could just strap onto your wrist.

Never did we know that the old Macs would reappear as containers for the Apple Watch. That’s exactly how the Elago W3 stand looks like.

Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand

It doesn’t look like a perfect Mac until you slide in the Apple Watch. The Watch’s green accented nightstand mode is what makes it look like a miniaturized Mac.

Technically, it’s nothing like the old device. The stand itself is made up of high-quality silicon that’s elastic to a significant extent, and I’m pretty sure; is very cheap to produce. Yet, it’s not overpriced available at just $9 on Amazon.

If you want a trip down memory lane every single day, you might want to get your hands on this.

Final Thoughts

These products are the best out there. Not only do they focus on the aesthetics, but also offer the products at a subliminal rate that’s highly affordable.

I’ve been saying this throughout the post, and I’ll say it again. Even before booting up, set up all these accessories to achieve ultimate satisfaction throughout the unboxing process. Doing this may not only protect the watch as soon as you pop it out of the box but also help you familiarize with its very nature.

There is other stuff as well that is designed to support owning the Apple Watch. But not everything can be summed up in one post. That deserves a series.

At the end of the day, all you can make out from this post is how astonishingly technology alone can’t thrive in a world full of commercialization. No smartwatch is made self-sufficient. No phone can protect itself from falls. Every product needs another product.

But, again, at the end of the day, it’s what makes tech exciting.

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