3 ways tech can save your stuff from being stolen or being lost.

Courtesy: Northern Ireland Police

Technology has advanced into a new era. Along with that, we have moved on as well. Kids exist that have an iPad in their hand, but upon asked, don’t know what a computer is. This is our transition from the world of computing to portable computing. We cannot imagine our lives without smartphones now. So, here I present to you- How to prevent your phone from being stolen?

I remember that time when I left my phone at my home and was getting late for college. Although, I decided not to leave without my phone and ended up reaching late at the college. But the satisfaction that I got from the inside was unexplainable.

Imagine your smartphone stolen from you when you were unaware. It is a leading problem in every part of the world, especially in Mumbai, where I reside. Due to college, I have to travel in the train every day. And a local train in Mumbai is the most unsafe spot for your valuable stuff to be. There are thousands of worth of stuff stolen every day by pickpocketers.

Apart from the trains, while walking in crowded places, no matter in what part of the world you are, is not safe for your stuff. Your smartphone could get stolen, your wallet could get stolen, and sometimes, even your wallet could get stolen. So, how to safeguard it?

1. How to prevent your phone from getting stolen?

If you are traveling in a crowded place or are in a public vehicle that is too crowded, the only way to save your phone is to have headphones on all the time, connected to your phone. Just being connected to your phone won’t help as you wouldn’t be able to tell when a thief disconnects the audio jack and steals your phone away. So, you also gotta have music on at all times.

How does it work?

Well, by keeping the music turned on in your headphones, you can be sure at all times that the phone is still connected and is still in your pocket/purse. And a thief won’t probably give the first thought about stealing from someone having headphones on, as they know they’ll get caught easily.

Additionally, having wired headphones is a plus point as you won’t have to worry about thieves cutting your pockets and getting away with your phone. With Bluetooth headphones, you won’t be able to realize that your phone is stolen until the thief is out of the Bluetooth range of the headphones. Although, it’ll be too late by then.

What to do if the phone is already stolen?

Well, if you can get hold of someone’s Android device, you can go to the Play Store and download the Find my device app or go the website equivalent of the app on a PC or a Laptop. After it is downloaded, open the app and sign in with your Google account that was being used when the phone was stolen.

Find my device

You’ll see a list of devices connected to that account. Tap or click on the device that was stolen. Then, you’ll be able to see where the device is actually located on the map. Along with that, you’ll get an option to erase your phone as well, if you have some confidential files in there.

This process is exactly the same for iOS devices. Although you’ll have to download the Find my iPhone app. Similar to Android, this also has a website equivalent. Again, you’ll have to sign in with your Apple ID that is present on the iPhone that is stolen.

Find my iPhone

2. How to keep a track of your AirPods?

“Someone stole my AirPods!”Initially, when Apple released AirPods, the iOS firmware at that time was not capable of tracking down the AirPods. Although, now with several updates, Apple has included the feature to find your AirPods using the Find my iPhone app itself.

find airpods

You can use the same website or app as displayed to you in the previous question to track down your AirPods. Although, it is more efficient to track them using an iPhone. You can also track individual pieces. Finally, you won’t have to repeat- “Someone stole my AirPods!”

How to track normal Bluetooth enabled headphones?

On an iPhone:

Download the Bluetooth Smart Scanner by Ace Sensor and locate your device. However, you’ll have to be in the range of the Bluetooth headset. So, technically this method is just useful for finding headphones that are misplaced nearby. And there is no other method!

Now, you’ll have to dance (not literally) along with the signal bars displayed for a particular Bluetooth enabled device, or your headphones and find them. When you’ll get closer to the device, the bars will increase and when farther, the bars will decrease. This is kind of an unethical method but it could be useful anyways.

On an Android phone:

Download the Bluetooth finder app on your Android phone and repeat the steps as mentioned for an iPhone.

3. How to safeguard your wallet, bags and keys?

No matter how digital the world gets, but an actual physical wallet will always be our first priority. Although out of all the thefts that happen at public places, a wallet is the most conspicuous subject as it contains cash, credit cards, and basically your complete life!

I bet you wouldn’t wanna lose a wallet. At the same time, you might ask whether how can we save a wallet, which is a normal thing that isn’t electrically connected to anything. But, it seems like I have a solution.

It looks like this:

Tile object finder

This is the Tile Bluetooth enabled object tracker. Its compact size makes it fit into any wallet. You can even put it in your backpack to track it. Adin more to it, you can use Tile as a tag as well as a keychain.

What does it do?

Well, it is a tracker which you can track using a companion app on your phone. So, you can add it to any of your stuff and then track it. Although, Tile has a unique feature as well which rings a beep sound on your phone when it is moved a particular distance away from you, which in turn decreases the chances of theft.

Tile, by the way, is fairly expensive, priced at Rs. 3,599 for a single piece.


Although, you can get a pack of 4 Tiles together at a price of Rs. 17,641.


Now, if you want a cheaper alternative to Tile, we have the Motorola Connect coin. It functions exactly the same as a Tile, but at a very cheaper rate.

Here’s what it looks like:

Motorola connect

 Not the keys. The black dot that you can see paired with the keys!!

It’s priced at Rs. 1,145


This is it for now. Stay safe, and battle vices like thefts using the technology available to us nowadays.

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